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Apr 9th, 2003, 12:56 AM
I have some TV Saturday morning cartoon shows from the 60's to early 70's for sale on video. Many shows have original network commercials. Many are from my own film collection. If anyone have any questions, please email Bernard at samuel@maxxconnect.net.

Bernard Williams
2938 Helber st.
Flint, Michigan 48504

(Selling Only)
$20 For 2 Hours of Shows (FREE SHIPPING)

1) The Jackson 5 Cartoon - w/o/c- "Drafted" Includes color commercials.
2) The Jackson 5 Cartoon - w/o/c - "Ray And Charles Superstars" Includes many color toy and game commercials.
3) Kid Power - w/o/c - Includes color promos for "Goober And The Ghostchasers" and "Yogi's Gang".
4) George Of The Jungle - black & white print. No Commercials, but it does have a next week's promos segment (with the introduction with George, Tom Slick, and Super Chicken).
5) The Road Runner Show - "Zoom At The Top" - Includes the CBS opening and closing logos and a promo for "The Beagles".
6) Tennessee Tuxedo - w/o/c - "Wish Wash" - Includes the Soakies Toys commercial with Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Brutus.
7) Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (1970)(from 16mm - color)- "A Tiki Scare Is No Fair" - Has "Place Commercial Here" signs between breaks and also has a "Stay Tuned" bumper.
8) Yogi's Gang w/o/c- Although episode is "Lotta
Litter", commercials are different than the print
most people have. Commercials include a color
promo for "Mission Magic".
9) Dudley Do-Right w/o/c- Includes color promos
for "Land Of The Giants", "Bewitched", and "That
10) Dudley Do-Right w/o/c- Includes a color Monkees
commercial about Nerf Balls. Also a color
Flintstones Vitamins commercial with a live action
boy calling Fred on a phone. Also a color Sugar
Crisps commercial with Sugar Bear rescuing a Dr.
Frankenstein-like character from The Blob.
11) Top Cat w/o/c- In Color! "Benny's Violin"
12) Tennessee Tuxedo w/o/c- "Perils of a Platypus"
13) The Road Runner Show (no commercials)-In Color!
14) Pebbles & Bamm Bamm Show (no commercials)
In Color! Includes a "Stay Tuned" bumper.

Yogi's Gang - 1 episode W/O/C - "Mr. Hothead". Has preview commercial for
"The Superfriends"

H.R. Pufnstuff - NBC print (black & white, so is the show above). Has "Brought
To You By Hasbro" bumpers and NBC logos. 1 episode.

The Superfriends - (1973) - 2 one hour prints with "Place Commercials Here" signs
and the "Stay Tuned, We'll Be Right Back" bumpers.

The Cattanooga Cats - 1/2 hour Sunday morning version. (Black & White). Has
"Stay Tuned" bumper and next week's promos.

New Casper Cartoon Show (Color) - No Commercials, but have theme songs and
next week's promos. (2 Hours).

Archies TV Funnies - All 16 episodes recorded from satelite. Excellent condition.

Archies Funhouse - 22 episodes recorded from satelite. 7 of the episodes
are the "Funhouse" and "Side Show" segments taken from
"The Archie Comedy Hour". Sabrina appears in 6 episodes
teaching magic tricks. 4 SHOWS PER TAPE ONLY!!

The Archie / Sabrina Show (Syndicated, 1/2 hour each) - 2 hour tape of
Sabrina shorts featuring The Groovie Goolies. The opening
and closing visual and instrumental themes are from "The
Archie Comedy Hour". Has Archies Funhouse "Stay Tuned"

The Archie Show - 12 episodes recorded from satelite. One show has the
song "Bang - Shang - A - Lang". 4 SHOWS PER TAPE

Journey To The Center Of The Earth - 3 episodes with original commercials
(Black & White)

Heckle And Jeckle - 1 black & white episode with original commercials in
color. "Talking Magpies".

Dr. Doolittle Cartoon - 5 episodes in color. No commercials. "Barnyard Rumble",
"Baffled Buffalo", "Silver Seals", "Land Of The Tiger Moo",
"Bird From Oops".

Hot Wheels - 1 episode

Underdog - 1 episode W/O/C. "From Hopeless To Helpless". Has CBS promos
of primetime live action shows from the 1968 - 1969 new season.

Rocket Robin Hood - 4hours. (Black & white).

Tom and Jerry Show - W/O/C - "The Cat And The Mermouse"

Yogi's Gang - W/O/C - "Mr. Fibber". Has many color commercials including a
Fruity Pebbles commercial not on video.

The Magilla Gorilla Show - 1 episode with in - between bumpers. The audio is
low in some segments.

The Nutt House - The 1963 unaired pilot produced by Jay Ward. Mostly
live - action.

Linus The Lionhearted - W/O/C - With the Linus short "A Gift For Linus".

The Groovie Goolies And Friends - With Fraidy Cat, Mush, and Wacky and
Packy. Includes in - between bumpers on all three.

The Deputy Dawg Show - 3 episodes. No commercials.

The Houndcats - 5 episodes. "The French Connection Mission", "The Perilous
Possibly Pilfered Plans Mission", "There's No Biz Like Snow
Biz Mission", "The Strangeless Than Fiction Mission", "The
Great Gold Train Mission".

The Further Adventures Of Mr. Magoo - Featuring the cast of Dick Tracy

A 2 Hour Tape Of Promos - Animated And Live - Action . Includes uncut
promos of The Jackson 5ive cartoon, The Osmonds cartoon
and The Saturday Superstar Movie. Live - action promos
includes Nanny And The Professor, Love American Style,
Flip Wilson Show and many other great promos.

2 Hours Of TV Openings, Closings, Sponsor's Tags, And Product
Commercials. Including Milton The Monster (Sponsored by
Cap'n Crunch), A CBS cartoon lineup promo (around 1965),
and The Magic Land Of Allakazam (with animated segment
featuring Hanna - Barbera characters).

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - 4 Hours. 3 hours are from home video and one
more hour that were recorded from 16mm film (not mine). On
the 16mm recordings, it includes 2 shorts with The Groovie
Goolies. There's also some picture problems on the first short
of the 16mm recordings.

The Rocky Show - 2 color episodes with the circus opening.

16mm Transfers (NO COMMERCIALS)

The New Adventures Of Superman (1966) (Color)- 1 episode- Has "Place
Commercials Here" signs and in- between bumpers.

The Moby Dick/ Mighty Mightor Show (Black & White)- 1 episode- Has original
Saturday morning opening theme song with some narration. Also has in-
between bumpers, but it has no ending theme.

Fantastic 4 (Color)- 1 episode- Has the narrated opening theme (like it did on
Saturday mornings). Also has the "Fantastic 4" sign in middle break (like it
did on Saturday mornings).

The Scooby Doo Show (1976)-(Color)- 1 episode- This is the newer version which
was shown on ABC starting in 1976.

Penelope Pitstop- A 2nd episode with the "Stay Tuned" bumper and opening
cliffhanger to the next week's show.


Linus The Lionhearted- 2 episodes- Black & White cartoons with color
commercials on both. "Booby Traps" and "The Talking Rock".

The Jetsons- 1 episode- "The New Car". Black & White with mostly color
commercials. A 1966 Saturday morning print. Includes a Cheerios
commercial with Bullwinkle on a trapeze in a circus.

Heckle and Jeckle- 2 episodes- 1 in black & white from 1965 (CBS) ("The
Uninvited Pests"). And one color episode from 1970 with color commercials
("McDougal's Rest Farm"). NBC print.

King Leonardo And His Short Subjects- 2 black & white episodes.


The Super 6 - (4 Hours)- Color is great, but picture is a little grainy.
Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles - 2 CBS prints (NO COMMERCIALS). Has
CBS opening logo (but on one of them, you can hear the logo, but
can't see it). Also has in - between bumpers.

Wacky Races - 1 with original commercials (black & white) and another one in
color without commercials but has the "stay tuned" bumper and
narration on ending theme song.

Penelope Pitstop - 1 with "stay tuned" bumper and the opening cliffhanger to
the next week's story at the end of the show. (Color).

The Herculoids - 1 episode recorded from Cartoon Network that has the
original narrated opening theme.

Skyhawks - one pinkish color episode.

Fantastic Voyage - A 16mm transfer in color with "Place Commercials Here"
signs and the "Fantastic Voyage" sign at the beginning of the
show and at the middle break (the way they did it on Saturday
Super Witch (The New Sabrina Show) - 1977- 2 color half hour episodes with the "Super Witch" opening and closing themes.

Around The World In 80 Days (1972) - 2 episodes - Saturday morning cartoon show which also has next week's promos.

Here are some Hanna-Barbera shows that I recorded around 1994 on Cartoon Network before they started putting their logo on the screen. All are in GREAT condition!! 4 shows per tape. I ship videos either the same day or next day after receiving payment. $20 for 2 hours of shows (free shipping):

Josie & The Pussycats-7 episodes
Atom Ant Show-9 episodes
Secret Squirrel Show-9 episodes
Wacky Races-8 episodes
Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles-3 episodes
Tom & Jerry Show-2 episodes
Cattanooga Cats-7 episodes
Banana Splits-8 episodes
Yogi's Gang- 7 episodes
Help, It's The Hair Bear Bunch- 7 episodes
Speed Buggy-2 episodes

Here are Filmation cartoons I have on home videos:

The Groovie Goolies-3 episodes (on 1 episode, the beginning part of the ending theme came from "The Sabrina And The Groovie Goolies Hour".

The Archie Show- vol. 1,2,3,4
Sabrina The Teenage Witch-3 hours worth
Fraidy Cat-1 hour worth
The Groovie Goolies-(not home video) 5 episodes someone recorded from TV. 2 episodes have the "Stay Tuned" bumper. Quality is o.k..
Superman- 1 hour
Aquaman-1 hour
Superboy-1 hour
Batman-1 hour

Also from Home Video:

Houndcats-4 episodes
Mighty Heroes- 1 hour
George Of The Jungle- 3 episodes
Cool McCool- 2 hours
Snuffy Smith-1 hour
Beetle Bailey-1 hour
Krazy Kat -1 hour
Osmonds- 3 color episodes
Smokey The Bear- 1 episode

Here are shows I recorded from TV Land (excellent condition):

The Jackson 5 cartoon- 12 episodes
The Brady Kids-10 episodes
Fonz and the Happy Days Gang-8 episodes
Shazzam (live action)-3 episodes
Lancelot Link (live action)-8 episodes. Shows are 30 minutes each, but the shows have the opening theme from the one hour show's version.

Star Trek cartoon-8 episodes

Price is $20 for 4 shows (free shipping). My email address is samuel@maxxconnect.net, and here's my address:
Bernard Williams
2938 Helber st.
Flint, Michigan 48504

Professor Cool
Apr 9th, 2003, 02:16 AM
thats quite a collection you got there, i would buy the Top Cat from yah, but I already got that episode :(

Apr 9th, 2003, 11:49 AM
I might buy some Yogi's Gang episodes :/

Apr 9th, 2003, 01:33 PM
Hello there,
I have many color episodes of Top Cat and Yogi's Gang that I recorded from Cartoon Network some years ago before they started putting their logo on the screen. Everything is in great condition. If anyone would like to email me, my name's Bernard and my email address is samuel@maxxconnect.net. Thanks!

The Unseen
Apr 11th, 2003, 11:18 PM
Sorry, im more into superhero cartoons.

Apr 12th, 2003, 12:15 AM
I have 3 new cartoon shows to add to my catalog above:

1) The Fantastic 4 cartoon (1960's version) - with original commercials - "Prisoners Of Planet X". Includes some ABC primtime promos.

2) Spiderman (1968) - with original commercials - "The Sky Is Falling".

3) The Motormouse And Autocat Show (1971) - With original commercials.

Cap'n Crunch
Apr 12th, 2003, 02:14 AM
Put some on DVD. I will buy some on DVD.

Apr 12th, 2003, 02:34 AM
I wish I was able to.

Cap'n Crunch
Apr 12th, 2003, 03:32 AM
Go on E-Bay. You are only using this website to sell stuff. I will boycott you!

Nov 14th, 2003, 08:34 PM
Wow...that's quite a list you've got there! Unfortunately, the couple of things I've been looking for aren't on there :( If you can find the episode of Scooby Doo with Davy Jones on it, or the Beatle cartoon series, let me know.

Nov 15th, 2003, 01:07 PM
I do have about 3 videos of Beatles cartoon shows (about 4 half hours on each video).

Mike P
Nov 15th, 2003, 01:25 PM
Hold it, hold it. Shazam? You mean Billy Baston, whom when he cries out "SHAZAM!" turns into a big guy with a lightning bolt on his chest? That Shazam? Or is it some different Shazam?

Nov 15th, 2003, 01:40 PM
omg you do??? Which episodes do you have? I have a few myself, but they're in really poor quality so....I'm looking to replace those, and hopefully get a hold of the rest eventually too.

Nov 15th, 2003, 09:39 PM
Why don't you email me at samuel@maxxconnect.net and I'll let you know. I'll check my videos in the meantime.

Command Prompt
Nov 17th, 2003, 01:51 AM
Isn't it illegal to sell tapes of shows off of TV? Like, REALLY illegal?

Nov 17th, 2003, 12:00 PM
To Mike P,
I have about 4 episodes of Shazam! including one episode with a guest appearance by Isis. Why don't you email me at samuel@maxxconnect.net. To the person asking about the legality of recording off TV, most of the things I have are from my own 16mm collection, but you may have a point.