View Full Version : Looking for a code or program or something

Jixby Phillips
May 15th, 2003, 05:17 AM
I am looking for a fancy code or program or something that would allow me to attach searchable keywords to items in a plain old text list. This is for my inventory of video tapes, many things I have on tape can be put into two different catagories.

The desired effect here would be that somebdoy who goes to my tape trading page could search for "Mr. Show" and get a list of all of my Bob & David material (talk show apperances and shit like that), and then also search for "Conan O'Brien" and get a list of every Conan O'Brien interview I have, including Bob & David interviews.

I guess one could best compare what I want to a Kazza mp3 list, how you can click on each mp3 you have downloaded and add info including dates, keywords, artists, description, etc. All of that would be nice, maybe even something where I could define the catagories so I could include "episode number" "show" or whatever.

Does anybody know of any magical program like this? Maybe some kind of inventory program... maybe even something I could BUY from a STORE with MONEY? I would at least like to have something I could do this with on my computor to help me sort things out If I can't incorporate it directly into my website. Some kind of software or whatever would probably be better anyway because even if there was some kind of fancy coding capable of this I would probably not be able to use it anyway because I'd be unwilling to learn it.

May 15th, 2003, 01:21 PM
Uh, you can attach a special google search to your web page for free and it will ONLY search items on your web site. That's the closest thing I can think of off-hand. Otherwise, you might be able to just search for a free search utility javascript or somethin. I've never really used those scripts, so I couldn't say for sure.

Try the google thing though...

I think that's the same think that fark is using on their page...