View Full Version : PSOne+games, PC games, and probably more.

Jun 9th, 2003, 06:46 AM
I have a PSone (The tiny white one that you can hook the LCD up [don't have one though] to) that I would be very willing to sell. I have... It's got two controllers; one stock PSOne, and one Pelican dual shock... Of course it has the TV and power adapter.

LoK: Soul Reaver
THPS 1 and 2
RE2 normal and dual shock edition
Bond: The world is not enough
Twisted Metal 4
Tenchu 2
Syphon Filter 3 and 4

May have more, unsure at the moment. The system is in great condition.

I have a few PC games that I would be willing to part with. Some have origingal boxes... Mostly depends on what I get for an offer.

Diablo 2+LoD
Jedi Knight 2
Myth 2: Soulblighter
Hitman Code 47
Diablo 1 (Hoorah. Less lag than D2.)

I've got a paintball marker (Raptor Silver Eagle)

It's got a 12" ported barrel, it's painted flat black as opposed to the shiny-ass chrome that it comes with for nonreflective purposes. Got a 12 and 9 oz tank, standard 200 round hopper, goggles (they do nuzzing), thing that wipes the barrel when you shoot too fast (Which you know you'll do), and about 350 orange viewloader paintballs (not too great, but they work.) It has a bottom line system and a double trigger... Will provide images on demand.

Make me offers (realistic ones, please), I would really like:

PC hardware
.Athalon XP1700+ (T-bred)
.GF3 Ti500 GF4 4400, would be willing to shell in extra cash if needed for the latter.
.A nice EIDE hard drive, pref. around 30 gb.
.CD-RW, preferably a nice one.
PC games
.Ghost Recon Gold/GOTY/Super/whatever pack (Comes with standard GR and two expansions. Listed as 39.99)
.Medal of Honor Allied Assault
.A necessary evil. No paypal. Money order = good.
Music - Complete albums, please.
.In Flames - Clayman
.In Flames - Whoracle

Email: estein1@prodigy.net
AIM: YarPirate

Make offers, I'm pretty flexible.

Thanks for your time.