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Les Waste
Aug 11th, 2003, 05:10 PM
I just bought a Dreamcast broadband adaptor so I can play Phantasy Star Online, but every time I try to connect, it freezes during the loading screen.

One potential problem might be that one of the things it asks for are the numbers of the DNS server, and DNS 2 server in case the first one doens't work. I have no idea what the fuck a DNS server is. Something about translating internet names into numbers or something. It's the same format as an IP address.

Or is there something wrong with my Dreamcast? I used my CD laser lense cleaner on the Dreamcast and it still doesn't work. Or maybe somethings wrong with my copy of PSO? Or with the broadband adaptor? Or something else?


Drew Katsikas
Aug 11th, 2003, 07:38 PM
I had a problem with PS2 online, and I called up my cable internet provider, who told me the # I was looking for. Give yours a call today! :)

mew barios
Aug 11th, 2003, 08:10 PM
are the dc pso servers still up? o.o

Les Waste
Aug 11th, 2003, 10:44 PM
Yeah, in fact I saw a news thing on Sega's site saying they made four new PSO online missions, so not only are most of the servers up, but they're still making shit for them.

I sure wish I could play them :(

I think maybe it would work if I knew what DNS 1 and 2 servers are. Is there a way I can find that?

Aug 12th, 2003, 01:29 AM
is this (http://www.angelfire.com/games3/psocommunity/intro/) helpful? :/


Drew Katsikas
Aug 12th, 2003, 10:19 AM
Once again, try asking your provider abut ds1 and 2.

Les Waste
Aug 12th, 2003, 04:45 PM
Willie: no :(

I emailed my cable company, since I have broadbanc through the cable company, and I'm just waiting for a response. Although I'm sure I'll get nothing but a confusing and incredibly incorrect answer. Something to the effect of "jiggle the cord."


Aug 12th, 2003, 05:06 PM
How about jiggling the cord?

Aug 12th, 2003, 07:40 PM
If you're using WinXP I think you can do this to find the DNS servers you're using:

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections (skip this if you're in Classic view) -> Network Connections

Double click on Local Area Connection, click the Support tab and click details. It should list 2 DNS addresses.

Who is your Cable ISP? If your IP address is not static the DNS addresses might be obtained dynamically/automatically too...

Drew Katsikas
Aug 13th, 2003, 12:11 AM
Wow, you're providers must be fucking retarded. I have to wait for over a half an hour on the phone with Adelphia, but they have always seemed to be reasonably competent. Perhaps you have had bad experience with tech support before, but if not, they can actually be more helpful then you'd expect.

Les Waste
Aug 13th, 2003, 12:35 PM
My cable company emailed me instructions for getting Playstation 2 to work online :(

I never even mentioned PS2. But than again I expected this. :(

Aug 13th, 2003, 01:10 PM
I don't mean to ask a stupid question, but: Are you sure the new shit they're making for Phantasy Star Online isn't only for the Gamecube version?

Les Waste
Aug 13th, 2003, 06:26 PM
Actually I don't know if the new missions are only for Gamecube, but I know that most of the PSO online servers are still active. Its' the only online DC game that still works online.

I emailed my cable company, and they gave me instructions for getting online with a PS2. I emailed Sega tech support, and they said I need a broadband adaptor to play online with broadband, despite the fact that the first sentence in my email was "I just bought a Dreamcast broadband adaptor."


Aug 13th, 2003, 06:47 PM
Is this the first PSO? I thought they finally shut down the servers for that a few months ago but the pay-to-play version was still up. I could be wrong though. Did you try to find your DNS addresses how I mentioned? What OS are you running? I swear I'm fucking invisible at this site. :tear

Les Waste
Aug 14th, 2003, 02:11 AM
I have windows ME. I tried following your directions, but I got as far as "double click on Local Area Network" because I did not see that.

Any explanation as to how to find DNS servers with Windows ME would be super good, as Sega said I should ask my broadband provider what the DNS servers are, and my broadband provider emailed me back saying I didn't need to know what the DNS servers are.


Aug 14th, 2003, 02:47 AM
Hmmm you probably grab them (DNS addresses) automatically then. When I worked for Time Warner's RR tech support, that's the exact line we had to tell the customer, and it's actually the truth. If it is dynamic, you really shouldn't have to enter anything in - any static number you did enter in would need to be changed constantly anyway. Is there an option in the DC broadband adapter or PSO setup that allows you to 'obtain IP/DNS automatically'? I'm not sure exactly how to find the DNS servers you're using in WinME but I'll come back and edit this if I figure it out.

Aug 14th, 2003, 02:59 AM
To find manually-set DNS addresses in Windows ME, go to the Control Panel > Network > TCP/IP > Properties > DNS Configuration, and look in the DNS Server Search Order box. If it's empty or it says DNS is disabled, I don't know what to do from there. I'd say bitch to the cable company that yes, you do need them, and they should damn well give them to you because DNS servers aren't a big secret on any other provider. If they still won't give them to you, try entering for the first and for the second (I ripped these off from some random ISP, I'm not sure if they'll work for you, but if you run out of options, it's worth a shot).

(Incidentally, a DNS is a server that takes the URLs you type in (http://www.i-mockery.com), looks on a gigantic table, and turns them into IP addresses (

Aug 14th, 2003, 11:42 AM
Dude... no no no no no. You can't go using random ISP's DNS addresses. If the address is obtained dynamically you can't enter one in statically. It's no big secret because there is NOTHING to enter in - it should grab the address itself. It's a number that will change and anything you enter in there will cause problems. If it is set to "Disable DNS" and your internet connection is working, I can almost guarantee you get your DNS addresses dynamically and you should not enter anything in. There has to be a way for the DC BBA or PSO to be set to obtain them automatically.

Les Waste
Aug 14th, 2003, 02:34 PM
Perndog, can I polish your knob?

My computer says DNS is disabled, and I was completely out of ideas, so I just decided "what the hell?" and tried using those DNS servers Perndog suggested, and miraculously, I was actually able to connect.

That's why people ignore you, Soundtest ;)

Cap'n Crunch
Aug 14th, 2003, 03:36 PM
How much was the broadband adaptor?

Les Waste
Aug 14th, 2003, 07:35 PM
I got it on ebay. You can go there and see how much they're going for on average, as if I repeat how much I paid for it, it will make my wallet hurt.

And it isn't worth it, since PSO is the only online game that still has servers up.

Aug 15th, 2003, 12:34 PM
That's why people ignore you, Soundtest

and with good reason :dunce :tear :suicide