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Jul 17th, 2008, 10:33 AM
Hey you wonderful computer people!

So I have a question about dream weaver. I am using a slightly older version of it for work. Before that, I was using a trial version of the latest version, with (what I thought) was the understanding that they'd buy it for me. Instead, they sent me an older one. I don't know that that matters, but I like to offer context.

So, I use DW for a very basic purpose--for work, I need to basically pull content off of the web, copy it, and paste it back into a movable type publishing program for work. The NEW version allowed me to easily pull web content--including links, images, video, whatever--and place it in a DW doc. Then, I'd just copy the coding and dump it into the movable type.

But for whatever reason, I can't replicate the same process with the older DW. I don't think it's the DW, so what am I doing wrong?

Is there something else I could download that would essentially allow me to do the same thing?

Thanks!!!! :bestthread