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Jan 11th, 2004, 09:29 AM
last night i stayed in and rented this movie. despite bad acting, it was fucking genius but i have some questions to those who may have already seen it. those who havent (whom i would highly recommend), spoiler ahead.....

in the end, the reporter received the tape that was labelled 'this will set you free...' now the tape showed david gale in the set up after what was suppose to look like a lady commiting suicide. from my point of view, it was dave's idea to make it look like a suicide and the lady friend agreed to do it. she put the plastic bag over her head and handcuffed herself. after a certain amount of time he was supposed to rip the plastic bag open but instead he let her die. he was angry at her for not telling about the cancer and got him too attached to her. he also did it for political reason to prove that federal execution is wrong. he had nothing to lose, his life was already screwed. now i have a questoin about the labelling on the tape that said 'this will set you free', did it mean the reporter felt the guilt of arriving the scene minutes too late with the different copy of edited tape what couldve been an important evidence to prove gale's innocence yet the other tape with the labelling showed that he wasn't, she wouldnt be feeling so guilty afterall? am i seeing this whole thing the wrong way and there's a different explanation?

Jan 11th, 2004, 06:56 PM
he was put in jail because they though he raped and murdered her.
the reporter found out that it was a set up, because the girl and that one guy that was all creepy and stuff where seen seting it up.
so we are to think that her and her ex boyfriend are settin g davie up to prove that the system doesnt work, ie. they framed him to prove their point. this make us all feel bad t for dave because we think he is being set up.
then we find out that he played a part in it when we see him in the video at the end.
all that the news knows about was that dave was inocent, but the report finds out that he knew about it and choce to die.
i guess hes suposed to be a martyr or something.
alest thats what i saw, i only saw it once and that was like a year ago, when it came out.
i thought the acting was good, but the story was out there, and since im pre-capital punishment, it was hard to connect with the characters.
i wouldnt recomend it, but thats me.

Jan 12th, 2004, 02:43 PM
He wasn't mad. David was a part of it the whole time. When the woman found out she was going to die shemade the plan to commit suicide and make it look like murder. All three of them set it up so that Davids fingerprints would be on the bag and he would go to jail and die, then they would show the tape to all the news folks and finally put an end to capital punishment.