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Rules and Guidelines
I-Mockery Message Boards
Rules and Guidelines (revised March 2nd, 2008)

Must be within 150x130 pixels and no larger than 50 KB.

Must be within 400x100 pixels (or 4 lines of text) and no larger than 50 KB.

Posting images
Must be within 700 pixels wide and a reasonable height. Anything larger than 200 KB should probably be linked instead.

12 WAYS TO NOT GET YELLED AT (and potentially banned)
    1. Do not take anything personally
    2. Do not start internet fights
    3. Do not hijack threads
    4. Do not reply to EVERYTHING
    5. Do not respond before reading
    6. Do not reply to very old topics ("bumping")
    7. Do not make worthless topics
    8. Do not make topics in inappropriate forums
    9. Do not make a "Hi, I'm new" topic
    10. Do not harass anyone with Private Messages
    11. Do not regularly color your text. It makes you look stupid.
    12. Do not bring your behavior from 4chan / SomethingAwful / YTMND / GameFAQs / etc.

    Posting pornography and other extremely not-safe-for-work material.
    This is generally only allowed when a thread is tagged NSFW (not-safe-for-work), and even then only in the Art Shit forum as an artistic piece. This rule includes all forms of pornography, including (but not limited to) photographic, drawn, and artistic. You will be banned for one month on the first offense and permanently on the second. Remember, other kids come to these forums too. Kids whose parents love them.
    Making malicious remarks in the form of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
    For obvious reasons. Emphasis on 'malicious' - Not all remarks like these are hate-speech.
    Flooding or otherwise intentionally "griefing" the forums.
    If you're here strictly to be annoying, you will be removed.
    If you only signed up to shill your product/band/website/etc., your post will be deleted and your username and IP address will be permanently banned.
    Circumventing a ban.
    If you've been banned, it was most likely for a reason, and whether you agree with the reason or not is irrelevant. If you are caught circumventing a ban (ie: registering another account), your IP will be banned as well and the ban will be extended by at least a month. If you attempt to circumvent a ban twice, you will be permanently banned.

    After you are banned, the board will tell you when you will automatically be unbanned. If it does not, you will not ever be unbanned. If you wish to make your case, you may contact the administration at webmaster@i-mockery.com.

The I-Mockery message boards are a private and free-of-charge community and we reserve the right to revoke anyone's membership and use of free services for any reason. Breaking one, any, or all of these rules and guidelines is reason enough in most cases. In addition, Administration reserves the right to modify your account in any way.

Keep your nose clean and have a good time - just not at the expense of our other members.


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