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Jan 20th, 2006 02:16 AM
Ninjavenom I wanna see more pictures.
Jan 20th, 2006 01:49 AM
Big Papa Goat This should have gone in Chojin's smile moments thread
Jan 19th, 2006 01:26 PM
Emu I'm depressed, now.
Jan 19th, 2006 01:24 PM
KevinTheOmnivore thanks.
Jan 19th, 2006 01:20 PM
Next time you want to complain about dumb people on i-mock..

This article: 27 new species found in California caves

These posts from Yahoo news:

by: farandaway99
Msg: 1556 of 1573

Oops, there goes evidence of evolution..
they are all over
Msg: 1545 of 1573

pseudo-scorpion are known as tailess scopions and acording to my books they are found all over the world, so why are they all of a sudden new here. they been there all the time
by: sundiiiaaa 01/19/06 12:24 am
Msg: 1532 of 1573
1 recommendation

We have a lot to learn yet, eh?? Everyone for centuries thought "we know all there is to know"! Hahaha.

Learning ("education") should be FREE worldwide, obviously, since most can't "afford" it!

America can't admit we've done everything wrong!
spiders, centipedes, scorpion-like crea
by: winter_slug
Msg: 1475 of 1573

these are animals? what dumb fuck wrote this article?

And there is STILL denial !!!
by: r.hackett@sbcglobal.net
Msg: 1453 of 1573

My only question is : " So the scientific community still denies Big Foot & the Loch Nest Monster " ?? HOW ??
How indeed.

What really yanks my chain
by: godsfavoritetool
Msg: 1448 of 1573

What really yanks my chain is when the news media always report about species "adapting to their environment".

This explanation is ALWAYS the first that the reporters will jump to. They act as if there is no possibility whatsoever that maybe - just MAYBE - they were designed that way.

I'm always angered when I read these breaking news stories that seem to support the "theory" of evolution, which everyone knows, has serious flaws and is just one among MANY possible explanations for the origin of living things.

Why the media can't seem to get its act together and report more objectively, I'll never know.
Agreed. Those biased dicksucks, reporting readily available facts.

Learn to write
by: geoafl
Msg: 1423 of 1573

Spiders, centipedes, scorpion-like creatures are not animals!
Starting to get a little worried here.

IT"S not a NEW animal, Damn it
by: coolcoin
Msg: 1173 of 1573
2 recommendations

It's a new discovery of an old species. An insect, not an animal.

You call that journalism ?

Go back to kindergarten.
I, um.

by: fascistland
Msg: 1170 of 1573

Using the name Pseudo (fake) scorpion is WRONG. Calling animals fake is an attempt by scientists to get rid of God and ignore creationist fact.
I'm kind of split on whether that guy is worse than the next one:

These bugs are obviously fakes
by: beth4christ_and_country (35/F/Oaklahoma) 01/18/06 12:59 pm
Msg: 874 of 1573
3 recommendations

If you look hard enough at the photos, you can see the trim line where these "scientists" cut the cast off their plastic bug props. Just more fraudulent evidence used to support the atheist religion of Evolution.

Honestly, why do these people feel the need to fabricate their facts? Why do they feel the need to create their own animal species? Why do they insist on playing God?
They're Lab Grown.
by: yodaspickle (22/M/Flintstones)
Msg: 818 of 1573
1 recommendation

They're all genetically grown in a lab anyways, they planted them there for some reason.. think about it, 27 "New" species that no one ever knew about for thousands of years even with all the exploration going on, it's obviously a bunch of bull. And notice they call them "New" species, they didn't call them newly discovered but admit that they are in fact new species. How would they know that unless they made them?
This story bugs me...
by: bobcat_urine 01/18/06 12:23 pm
Msg: 709 of 1573

I was hoping for some ANIMALS...not friggen bugs.

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