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Mar 18th, 2004 02:41 PM
mburbank 447.) "I thought punk rock was about fighting the corporate establishment, left-wing flunkies?"

448.) "There are two punk sites out there that are fighting for the voices (and opinions) of punk rock listeners."

449.) "There is a punk album coming out that is supposedly going to be a way to "Punk The Vote", so to speak."

450.) "The goal of the groups on the album is to oust George W. Bush in 2k4. Nobel cause, I'm sure (sarcasm mode *off*)."

451.) "A band on the album, Propagandi, put a song on the album called "Free John Hinkley"."

452.) "The song was removed; not because of the song itself, but because of the liner notes that had the never to insult the Democrat Party's pimp daddy George "I'll spend my fortune to get rid of Dubya" Soros."

453.) "It's woefully ironic that a site and a movement that screams bloody murder anytime anyone makes 1/2 cent on the dollar for their products and services will censor a true leftist group because they insult a corporate donation machine."
Mar 16th, 2004 05:09 PM
The_Rorschach 438.) "Atheism is a non-belief in a God and that humans are the superior speciest and the peak of random mathmatic chance and evolution."

I'm always amazed by the audacity of American's today, myself included. I mean, Atheists without a shred of faith call themselves experts in the field of religion, while Christians without any degree in Biology whatsoever scoff at Evolution without compunction.
Mar 16th, 2004 02:00 PM
mburbank 437.) "This is where you can challenge my view on the atheistic belief system and how it pertains to the law of man."

438.) "Atheism is a non-belief in a God and that humans are the superior speciest and the peak of random mathmatic chance and evolution."

439.) "Now, based on that belief, I would believe as an atheist that human laws are put on me by people who believe they know what is best for me."

440.) "I would believe that false and I would not follow laws."

441.) "My belief is that as an atheist, I would believe that I was not bound by laws made by my "equals" and I would do what I can to establish myself as top of the human food chain."

442.) "I can say and sustain that I'm a part of the Black Israeli movement but that doesn't mean I am one or I am following its tenants."

443.) "He said he was Roman Catholic to keep the pressure away from the Christians just enough so they wouldn't realize that they were next on Hitler's shit list."

444.) "The pope really never had a reliance with any of the Axis powers."

445.) "The Vatican was in a position where they had to work behind the scenes because if they would have said a word, they would have been crushed in a heartbeat."

446.) "I think the main problem with the whole debate is that we are at a point in our society that we are more inclined to believe the scientist over the priest becuase we see the scientist as this noble purveyor of truth and the priest as someone that needs to keep the shleeple baaaing so they can give him more monye."
Mar 16th, 2004 09:27 AM
mburbank 429.) "When a guy in a funny mustache or accent decides to invade your piddly-ass country, don't call us... we'll call you."

430.) "they prolong throwing the feces they roll around in at each other, their crinkled hands creating their next advent-garde anti-Bush slogan."

431.) "Unable to understand the concepts of "lying" vs. "faulty intelligence", they will place labels on anyone they disagree with even though the reasons for their disagreement have been torn to shreds."

432.) "As long as the idiot box and the printed ink continue to cover the facts with their out-and-out lies and bias, the borderline retarded Kerry supporters will grunt in a mob-like approval."

433.) "The bitter, the jealous, the whiny, the insecure, the pansies, the limp-wristed, the appeasers, the nobodies will work themselves up into a rabid frenzy will vote someone out of office that they dislike."

434.) "They dislike him not because they have any real concrete reason to, but becuase they secretly long to "fit in" with the other high-society plastic artsy-glasses wearing hi-brow bohemians that cast their noses up at the simple minded redneck folk who would vote for a foolish God and Country lovin' daddy's boy into the White House."

435.) "They will continue to vote our freedoms away and look at the flyover states and wonder what they are so worried about."

436.) "The choice is very clear: A man who has the onions to fight against the beings that want to hasten our demise, or a two-faced snob who has done more flips than a ninja on crack"
Mar 15th, 2004 10:09 AM
mburbank 426.) "I put an article up by Joseph Vince that puts up an argument that the Russian Revolution (which was the zeitgeist that began the spread of Communism) was good for the world."

427.) "It pains me as an American citizen to see these dumbasses they interview on the news talk about how jobs or health care or "taxing the wealth" are key issues in our political climate when the same assholes that attacked our country on 9/11 stated that they will attack us AGAIN!"

428.) "Islamic terrorist don't care about your health care."
Mar 11th, 2004 05:05 PM
Emu If you have ideas like killing raping and pillaging based on your atheism, that really makes you more of an asshole than an atheist.
Mar 11th, 2004 04:39 PM
Perndog Are you sure Vince isn't a caricature? I've never heard of a real person who had such fucked-up ideas about atheism.
Mar 11th, 2004 03:18 PM
mburbank 412.) "I am not one to be lulled into buying a product due to a fancy infomercial, but I have seen one of these bad boys in action and there are the bomb."

413.) "I can't go on about how great this modern miracle is."

414.) "A challenge: If I were to become an atheist today, why shouldn't I go out and become someone that makes Hitler look like the Pope?"

415.) "I believe that a non-belief in God invalidates the laws of mankind since by atheistic rules men are the highest on the food chain."

416.) "As an atheist, I would believe that I am the highest on the food chain of homo sapiens so I would take what I want from whoever I want and rape, murder and destroy whoever stands in my way or whoever the hell I want."

417.) "Why you're at it, convince me that groups of 9/11 widows that suddenly appeared when the Bush/Chaney campaign rolled out their first commercials are not a part of a left-wing peace group that isn't being funded by Kerry's wife even though the proof is overwhelming."

418.) "If I ever El Presidente, my first State Of The Union would have this line in it:"

419.) "Americans, we spend too much money and time on preventing the inevitable. My job is to resend many of these rules and regulations that government has placed upon our freedoms to protect us from what cannot be denied."

420.) "I will not let the government dictate how an American should live his or her life when it pertains to the choices that he or she makes that affects their own being and does not interfere with the common rights of those around them."

421.) "I'd like to get a few writers back around so I can have the site in such a way that I won't have to be relied on for all the content."

422.) "I also have been writing and planning on writing a couple of books. One on general stuff that I want to piss and whine about and one on weight loss."

423.) "Im working on both of them right now althought I won't be able to tackle both of them hard core until I get everything settled down, which will probably be in the end of summer."

424.) "There was a report put out about 1 - 1 1/2 years ago I believe that showed where Hitler's next target after the jews was Christianity."

425.) "Hitler was also a prime mover in Charles Darwin's survival of the fittest thinking."
Mar 11th, 2004 12:01 PM
mburbank Yeah, that's probably what he meant. See, for me, I'm not 'shopping' anything anywhere unless I'm showing it to people who might give me money for it. Agents or publishers. But when a generic recruiting letter is an offer to crew on a nuclear submarine, deffiinitions get looser.
Mar 10th, 2004 08:57 PM
Perndog I think in Vince-speak it means he's showing it to random strangers on the Internet (the kind of little goblins that tend to agree with him, probably) and asking for input.
Mar 10th, 2004 03:02 PM
mburbank I'm fairly sure he means he's been looking for someone to publish a book he's writting. In any non fantasy world, this would mean sending query letters to agents of publishing houses.
Mar 10th, 2004 02:22 PM
Big McLargehuge I am struggling to understand 403. Is he saying that he went to store to find a book to write in? Or has he been shopping around for ideas to claim as his own?
Mar 10th, 2004 01:59 PM
mburbank 401.) "Would it surprise you more if the government didn't have plants to go to war against countries that may become hostile or are already hostile to the U.S.?"

402.) "An update on what's been up."

403.) "I also have been shopping around a book that I would like to write about pretty much everything I care about."

404.) "I have been trying to add to it in my spare time (what little I have) and I am liking the results."

405.) "I may post a bit of it on here and let the five people who still visit this site go through it with a blowtorch and and a pair of needle-nosed."

406.) "My life is the anti-exciting right now and I prefer it that way."

407.) "The course of this country with everything that is going on right now is a hell of a lot more interesting."

408.) "I can't stand people that have inability to admit who they are."

409.) "But the ability to sit there and lie about where their true loyalties lie is absolutely stupid."

410.) "They are about as left-wing as they come, yet they will sit there and swear on a stack of Good Books that they are "down the middle"."

411.) "People with brains may pay attention to what they say if they can admit where they come from."
Jan 8th, 2004 02:35 PM
mburbank 390.) "First, the tax cuts are one of the main things that are spurring our economic growth as of this time."

391.) "Now, I'm supposed to vote for a Democrat that talks about how he is all for the Catholic Samurai but he wants to raise my taxes?!? "

392.) "Second, if Bush really lied and there was proof, do you think that the American people would not hesitate for a second to bounce his ass out of office? Hell no."

393.) "The major news outlets would be blasting headlines all over the place about Bush lying and people would be winding up the masses for a impeachment campaign."

394.) "People would wind up around the block to vote Bush out of office."

395.) "You can tell that the Democrats and liberals in this country are in trouble when their main reason for hating Bush is projected as he is Hitler."

396.) "When a group of people usually resort to name calling and comparing someone to a horrible incident in the past that has no link in reality to that person, then you know your positioning on the issues is on shaky ground at best."

397.) "For the past 40 years, liberals have had free reign to spread newspeak about the people in this country and their beliefs."

398.) "They have had the media outlets to do this and when challenged, they throw out the standard sexist/racist/homophobic charges while pissing on the beliefs of the person they are dissing."

399.) "Now with talk radio, the internet, and the rise in conservative authors, liberals are getting that "getting-kicked-in-the-nuts" taste that they have dished out to conservatives and libertarians for so long"

400.) "I purchased an Ipod, and I have been trying to put all my music on my computer so I can turn it into mp3s and update the ID3 tags so I can put it in a nice order on the new Ipod."
Dec 22nd, 2003 04:14 PM
Emu I love his grasp of changing tense in the middle of a sentence.
Dec 22nd, 2003 02:16 PM
mburbank "by proxy" is one of those phrases Vinth likes but does not in any way understand the meaning of.
Dec 22nd, 2003 01:49 PM
Bennett 383 is hilarity on so many levels.
Dec 22nd, 2003 10:55 AM
mburbank 387.) "Anyone who knows anything about the U.S. economy would tell you that the recession started in the beginning of 2000, when Clinton is president."

388.) "Almost every economicist has admitted this, and yet liberals ignore this."

389.) " When Clinton was in office, everyone was singing the joys of the economy and throwing rose pedals at Clinton's feet."
Dec 18th, 2003 02:12 PM
Cosmo Electrolux Hey...Vinth actually posted there on the 8th of Dec....
Dec 18th, 2003 02:06 PM
mburbank 375.) "As we approach the year 2004, historians will take note that the divide of the country among political lines is pretty great."

376.) "I would have to put forth that the two main factions of political thinking right now would be the conservative thought and the liberal thought."

377.) "I do realize that libertarians, greens, socialist, and other groups are having a nice go-around right now in our political fields, but they do not have the kind of voice that liberals or conservatives have right now."

378.) "Let’s talk about the biggest idiotic claim that liberals make that would make anyone with… six brain cells would be able to call out as bullshit:"

379.) "Now, I know a lot of you are wondering right now how the people who think there is a conservative media bias have went without mistaking cleaning fluid for fruit juice this long in their life."

380.) "There is a very simple reason for that thought. The reason is because the free market is taking place and what you, the people, want to hear is what is on the radio airwaves."

381.) "they are controversial and say things that may seem like they are on the outskirts of America; they do resonate with a growing amount of the population"

382.) "Man, this idea is so stupid that even thinking about it makes blood shoot out my nose and my IQ drop to about 70 points, which so happens to be the average IQ of a socialism-supporting college student."

383.) "The majority of the population watches CBS, ABC, and NBC because of the lower number ranking on the dial, the fact that they are easily reached on every television in the country, and the fact that they have the most popular shows (by proxy) in the cable land."

384.) "To give you a view of where I lay when it comes to the balance of the news media, I believe Fox News with a right-of-center slant, MSNBC swings between left and right every few days, and I wouldn’t be surprised if your contract to work at CNN had a clause which made you destroy the right turn signal on your car"

385.) "Now, does Fox News + Talk Radio, who reaches a lot of cross-listeners (people who listen to more than one show a day, i.e. Boortz then O’Reilly then Hannity for example) beat out the combined 6 to 7 pm view periods of ABC, NBC and CBS? I doubt it."

386.) "One didn’t have the intelligent to debate a younger, dumber me on the facts (see examples here and here) and the other one has a radio show that is so bad, I would send tapes to my local talk radio station so they would get him on the air here and watch the intelligent people of our great land making him look like the short bus rider he is."
Dec 18th, 2003 01:08 PM
mburbank That's because bone laziness is part of his aesthetic.
Dec 17th, 2003 11:18 PM
Sergeant_Tibbs Do you know whats really sad about this Max? No matter how many times you correct his grammer or show him how bad his english skills are he will never try to improve them.
Dec 17th, 2003 01:35 PM
mburbank My fave from that batch is
"No matter your position on our "War on Terrorism", we can all admit that unless we are a terrorism expert or a part of the Bush cabinets, we don't know all the information behind all the actions the Bush administration is taking."

'Your' (singular) is paralell with 'we' (plural) which is then paralell with 'a terrorism expert (singular) and then with 'a part of the bush cabinets (plural for furniture, since the cabinet is the group of secretaries, a part of being a single secretary) not to mention being 'a part of' instead of 'a member', which is pralell with we again (still plural) and the whole mess ends with a double use of the word all, which is redundant twice and uneccesary in context even once.

'Admit' is used instead of 'agree', 'that' is uneccesary, and you could admit the entire first two thirds of the sentence and replace it with the words 'No one knows' without significantly altering the statements meaning.
Dec 17th, 2003 12:01 PM
AChimp I like how that comment can be juxtaposed with the previous comment.

"Bush wasn't trying to impress anybody."


Dec 17th, 2003 11:17 AM
sspadowsky You know, I was just fixing to ask what was going on with that yo-yo.

I think this one is my favorite:

373.) "To sit there and say that you were not impressed with our military and President capturing Saddam Hussein only means a couple things. 1) You think of yourself more importantly than anyone else does and 2) You need be smacked in the chops."
Aside from the obvious and brutal rape of the English language, I wasn't aware that the president was the one who captured Hussein. Did he make another secret three-hour visit to Iraq?
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