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Kitsa Jan 11th, 2014 07:12 PM

On one hand, I want to win because we're still on a Bobrovksky high (although McElhinney is in goal tonight), but on the other I don't want us to hand AChimp his fifth loss vs. Eastern Conf in a row :(

Kitsa Jan 11th, 2014 07:20 PM

Jets goal horn be all


Your arena is loud as fuck

Kitsa Jan 11th, 2014 10:29 PM

gg, I really thought they were going to come back strong in the 3rd

AChimp Jan 12th, 2014 09:24 AM

Jets are terrible. :(

That is all. :(

Kitsa Jan 12th, 2014 09:34 AM

Jackets, especially during away games, are almost always slow/terrible in the 1st, and probably would have been especially so had your first goal not been waved off. I think our first four goals were all in the first 14 mins of the 2nd?

AChimp Jan 12th, 2014 10:54 AM


Yeah, total collapse in the second period just killed any life they had. The coach lost the room long ago, they were just limping along.

AChimp Jan 12th, 2014 11:09 AM


Kitsa Jan 12th, 2014 11:26 AM

1) Judging from his comments going in, he sort of knew this was coming.

2) My friend's daughter used to babysit his kids. She said he's a nice guy.

AChimp Jan 12th, 2014 12:04 PM

Yeah, Noel knew what was up. They already announced Paul Maurice is his replacement.

He's definitely a nice guy in all his interviews and off the ice stuff. His "system" kinda sucks, though... dump and chase all game long. Teams are just waiting for it; no variation and constantly rewarding mediocre play. I have no idea why James Wright is still in the NHL. He is LITERALLY the worst player in the league in every stat, yet there he is playing every game while better players are healthy scratches. We joked that he must be Noel's fluffer.

Kitsa Jan 12th, 2014 12:45 PM

Don't feel bad, we were assraped by Ken Hitchcock quite recently.

We're just starting to get things back together after seemingly half our roster was out on IR.

AChimp Jan 14th, 2014 12:17 AM

Yay we won! Jets #1! New coach rules!

Kitsa Jan 14th, 2014 06:51 AM


We beat the Lightning last night, when they were fully expecting to win. In the last 3 mins of regulation I was like NOOOOOO, but then we got a nice little power play goal :D

Tadao Jan 14th, 2014 11:47 AM

Tadao Jan 14th, 2014 04:01 PM

Way to go Regehr, you're the best enforcer we ever had. :rolleyes

Tadao Jan 14th, 2014 06:08 PM

Does anyone else have KISS as an opener for your winter classic?

Unfortunately we do :(

AChimp Jan 14th, 2014 08:04 PM

I still don't understand why they're having an outdoor game in California.

Tadao Jan 14th, 2014 08:10 PM

Neither do we but hey! 500 dollars to sit further away! Count me in!

Tadao Jan 14th, 2014 08:11 PM

Not really, I googled how to sneak into dodger stadium and found nothing. :(

Kitsa Jan 15th, 2014 08:34 AM

I had a shitty day and just buried my cat, so here's this.

Kitsa Jan 15th, 2014 10:36 AM

Kiss should have played Detroit Suck City before the Winter Classic

Never have I been so happy for a Leafs victory

Tadao Jan 15th, 2014 11:14 AM

KISS shouldn't play at all

AChimp Jan 15th, 2014 06:51 PM

Winnipeg gets an outdoor game in 2016. It'll probably be -40 out. :(

Kitsa Jan 15th, 2014 06:59 PM

Sounds about right. It was 17 at the Winter Classic and the goalies' water bottles kept freezing.

Tadao Jan 15th, 2014 07:49 PM

It's 87 today and Dodger Stadium is known for having no shade at the top off a hill. But the teams are from LA and OC so they are ready for it. Actually I bet the heat is gonna kill them because they'll be in full gear. :lol

Kitsa Jan 17th, 2014 09:43 PM

Great game vs. Capitols tonight. Bobrovsky vs Ovechkin was pretty fucking amazing. I'm sure my phone is going to autocorrect at least one of those names.

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