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cherry Jun 26th, 2006 01:59 PM

my space! how dare he.
this is my fucking space.

seeing as how I have shared a bath with some of these people, have invited them to my country and into my home, have earned my newbie stripes many years ago I claim the right to catch up with my friends. and if you place nice, benny boy, maybe, just maybe, you to can add your name to the roll call of the honoured.

apologies to Rog, I realise that technically it is your space but I will not have my return to the board sullied by anonymous swine.

and Jeff, great to know you are still about. I figured you would have saved the world by now, would you hurry up otherwise I am going to have do it. and you are totally welcome to come and stay again. I very much enjoy spending tim with you science guys and your wacky ideas.

Mockery Jun 26th, 2006 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by cherry
apologies to Rog, I realise that technically it is your space but I will not have my return to the board sullied by anonymous swine.

Don't apologize to me, Gemma. I will never take responsibility for the veritable wasteland that is I-Mockery's message forums. I've been trying to break the forum software for a long time to put an end to this debacle once and for all, but it keeps coming back. I hate I-Mockery. >:

bsx Jun 26th, 2006 07:19 PM

I agree, this place should burn.

Wait a sec... What the fuck am I doing back here?? Regardless of what cerebral/rectal seepage brought me back, I just wanted to say: Hi, Gemma! Long time no see! Glad to hear you're doing well.

executioneer Jun 26th, 2006 07:31 PM

holy damn, who's gonna show up next? burdock? emma? wreck?


bsx Jun 26th, 2006 07:45 PM

Heh, 'glad I could get you excited, exe... RoG says I should remember you, and I really really feel bad that I don't. Maybe it's because I didn't want to have sex with you that I don't remember you. (should I also feel bad that for that very reason I remember Kahl, 10o, and Proto?)

executioneer Jun 26th, 2006 08:53 PM

i was not v. active at posting when you were around but i did lurk a bunch

glowbelly Jun 27th, 2006 09:27 AM

beesex :eek

sspadowsky Jun 27th, 2006 01:42 PM

Holy shit! It's a reunion! Hi Gemma (forgot to say that earlier)! Beesex! Glad you guys are alive and well.

Quick, let's start a discussion about how this board sucks and the old one was way better.

Mockery Jun 27th, 2006 01:48 PM

So are all of you i-mockery veterans grown up with grandchildren 'n shit? :o

Burdock Jun 27th, 2006 11:44 PM

Hi, Glow sent me a message telling me of this conversation. It's nice to hear what Gemma is up to. I'm amazed to see so many of you all on this tread.
As far as our family....I still thank God daily that I live back on the East Coast. Chateau Gambetta is now a reality and we have a little girl a few months older than Glow's kid. She is freakin' amazing.
That's about it.

Dole Jun 28th, 2006 07:57 AM

'Kin 'ell! Burdock! hello there! Congrats on the kiddie!

mburbank Jun 28th, 2006 09:47 AM

Hey, Burdock! Congrats on having a child! Isn't it great? And horrible? And then really, really great? And then you get madder than you ever thought was even possible and you know there's absolutely nothing you can do about except maybe yell at your spouse and then suddenly it's really great again?

Who knows how to get in touch with Yammy or Upright (last seen as !!!!) or Wreck?

I was a recent arrival when many of you left, and BOY DID THIS BOARD GO STRAIGHT TO H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS, AM I RIGHT!?

I'm certain I was the last good thing to happen here. Or the first really bad thing. EITHER WAY, I'M GOOD.

Chojin Jun 28th, 2006 12:00 PM

Yo, Burdock, where on the east coast do you live? I have an apartment now. With a bar!

Glad to see Cherry's around, although I am mortified to learn that the world's tiniest Spiderman has become a nun ;<

BSX is cool!

Now Helm and Soundtest should come back ;<

Oh, and I think we all would like Benji to provide us with a list of approved talking points on the pointless section of a pointless forum. I think a few more rules around here would get this sad lil ship back on the SHUT UP SHUT UP AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP BANNED

Oh and if anyone's noticed i've been gone for a tiny bit. I've been moving into said new apartment and Cavalier didn't think we'd need a modem with that internet they installed. Though it's funny, I realized after being cut off that everything I want to do on the internet I can do in about 30-60 minutes, tops. Now I just fill all the wasted time with lifting things and playing games on the tv.

Carnivore Jun 28th, 2006 07:38 PM

I can't not say hey to these fine folks. Especially Erin. Been too long. Congrats on your daughter! Still remember how much you talked about wanting that back in Washington... however long ago that was. God, I feel old. So happy it's a reality now. BSX... I can't even go back that far in my mind. Holy crap :faint

cherry Jun 29th, 2006 03:16 PM

isn't it amazing how what was effectively a 'hate everything' board has spread so much squishy love and all around the world too. Hey we should win a Nobel Prize.

Erin, we have to get back in touch. I am fairy unreliable with email, but send me a pm with you email address. then you can send me your base of ops and I can send you goodies. I bet your little girl is amazing- she's come from some damn fine pool.

I realise this is not the place to get overly sentimental but look at all these good folks. sweetie pie carnivore, the smuuty little bee sex, strapping spadowsky my chi pet chojin and everyones fave tough guy Mcclain.

Dole I am not mentioning you because it seems weird talking to someone in my town over the borads! you know Dole its weird, I kinda feel like I knew you before the boards. cant expalin it, but its like you were a mate who happened to post.
ahh, rambling,
but feel the love bitches.

Dole Jun 30th, 2006 03:23 AM

I pre-date the internet, its true :posh

bsx Jul 15th, 2006 11:51 PM

Cherry: the smuuty little bee sex? I have never been little. I was 5'11" at birth. :P

Carniwhore: Don't you remember that night we shared in Rio? (honestly, I don't, but you always loved retelling that story...and it all seemed so plausible)

Choj: Hey buddy, what's going on?

Burdock: Hey! Congrats on the start of your family! We're still trying to figure out when will be the right time to bring forth our ubersuperior offspring. Maybe just before the great global depression so that they will have a half way decent challenge set before them as they rebuild the world in their own image? :conspiracy Drop me a line on AIM sometime. I'd love to catch up.

sspadowsky: Hello to you, good sir. How are things?

glowbelly: :eek yourself. Nice lookin' kid you have there!

Dole: I invented pants; beat that! :confused

kahljorn Jul 16th, 2006 03:50 AM

Hello beesex, nice seeing you again. I was just thinking about when the next time you'd show up would be, and voila.

bsx Apr 20th, 2020 10:34 AM

Hey there, don't mind me! I'm just digging up an old thread (as is my fuckin' birthright, check the charter, I scribbled it in the margin on page 3) and putting a few air freshners around its neck. You barely notice the smell, right?

Everyone staying sane-ish? We're keeping it together, but I find that i am not full introverted so I am starting to get a bit frustrated at not being around people for so long.

At least we're not in Miami, anymore. That city sucks a decapitated goat's balls. There is no shortage of those there. Fuck those psychotic santeria asshats. We're living just north of Atlanta now. We are finally settling down and putting out roots to poison the well and damage some foundations. Found an oversized logcabin out in the woods that we both love, so we're gearing up to buy it. Exciting, but there is just so much bullshit to be done before we can move in. What are inspection, appraisal, amoritization, and due dilligence periods about? Are we going to have to check the sub-basement? We can't get flashlights to work at all down there and It smells pretty bad, fuck that.

Wife is lecturing at one of the state schools. Less money than her gig in Miami, but it is doesn't stink of for-profit-education and we can afford to live well in this area regardless of her making a bit less. I've moved over to software dev full time (python and some perl) and regularly feeling well out of my depth, which is a good thing. I need challenges or I end up doiing horrible things just to amuse myself, but I would never go full santeria. I've had two jobs since January, but #2 is looking like a good long term gig. First gig was at a marketting firm ran by finely-aged fratboys. I saw that they were going to run their dev team into the ground, so I left after about six weeks, and so did the devs that were there before me. The leadership there was horrible to non-existant, so they've royally fucked themselves and deserve it. I am so glad I don''t have to fistbump another dipshit friend of the CEO and try to semi-professionally answer the question 'You killing it?' ever again. I am at financial analysis firm with a great dev team and leadership that leaves us alone for the most part. They check in semi-regularly to make sure they're getting what they want from us and we have what we need to give them what they want. Not a bad setup.

I have never been all that good at writing the end of papers, emails, or letters to satan.

Carnivore May 1st, 2020 02:55 AM

Don't know what possessed me to come back here as I sit at work in the middle of the night, running an urban emergency department during a pandemic... but here I am. So many memories....

zeldasbiggestfan May 1st, 2020 07:44 PM

I hold out hope that this forum will revive itself one day and everything will be normal again

Carnivore May 2nd, 2020 01:08 AM

When all the old regulars are old and demented, this place will be as it once was. Give it about 35 years.

Tadao May 2nd, 2020 02:45 PM

bsx May 5th, 2020 02:03 PM

Carni(val)vore! you're in charge now? Did everyone that should know better nope the fuck out of there when they saw the shitstorm coming?

Tadao, I'm not sure why, but I'm mildly aroused now. Thanks?

sspadowsky May 5th, 2020 02:42 PM

Howdy, strangers. Just checked in here on a whim. The hopes and dreams of my youth have long since been crushed, so I thought, "Why not drop by the old forum?"

I hope you all are equally bitter and disillusioned, since the apocalypse is upon us anyway.

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