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noob3 Sep 11th, 2007 02:59 PM

how much did you pay?

MarioRPG Sep 11th, 2007 05:04 PM

$0.01 and $200 shipping

liquidstatik Sep 11th, 2007 10:03 PM

hey noob3 guess what i'm doing 8]

liquidstatik Sep 11th, 2007 10:03 PM

yah, thaats right
smokin a blizzzie

Esuohlim Sep 11th, 2007 10:53 PM

liquidstatik's got the right 9/11 attitude :eek

Rongi Sep 11th, 2007 10:57 PM

man fuck 9/11 i wish it was 4/20

Misdemonar Sep 12th, 2007 12:02 AM

time to smoke up that stick icky dank liquidzzzz

noob3 Sep 12th, 2007 02:54 PM

that's what i would have guessed dude trust me

i forgot it was 9/11 yesterday

MarioRPG Sep 12th, 2007 03:32 PM

Man, I'm goin to tha' fair!

liquidstatik Sep 12th, 2007 03:35 PM

we went shroom hunting last night and found a prettttyy good batch,
i hope they're good & ready before the fair ;D

Fathom Zero Sep 12th, 2007 10:06 PM

everyone's going to the fair. In the PARTY VAN.

MarioRPG Sep 13th, 2007 03:55 PM

My fair wasn't metaphorical. Or involving drugs!


Fathom Zero Sep 13th, 2007 04:21 PM


zeldasbiggestfan Sep 13th, 2007 07:53 PM

I miss Dire Flamingo, Pub, and Willie.


RaNkeri Sep 14th, 2007 11:35 AM

Back in business!

Well, not quite, but the folks wanted me to spend the weekend at their place because they have a butt load of chores that "Only I can handle".

Should get a laptop next week, but can't really tell when I get the internet for it.
I noticed that Rog has moved on to halloween season, so can't wait till I get to read all the awesome halloween stuff there's going to be :x

Has anything spiffy happened during my outrageous absence of three weeks? :x

Oh and student life kicks major ass. :rock

MarioRPG Sep 14th, 2007 03:42 PM

I was visited by a ghost of christmas past.

RaNkeri Sep 14th, 2007 03:49 PM

Shit man, did you get a second chance?

MarioRPG Sep 14th, 2007 06:30 PM

The ghost just kept taunting at how bad my Christmas' had been. Also, for some bizarre reason, it tried to connect my life to that of Oedipus.

Well whatever, I guess I'll wait for Christmas present.

liquidstatik Sep 14th, 2007 07:39 PM

no way

Sethomas Sep 14th, 2007 10:41 PM

Mario, you HAVE to stop fucking your mother if ghosts are going to enter into the ordeal.

DeadKennedys Sep 14th, 2007 11:54 PM

The only logical path of action is to gouge your eyes out with a brooch. Broach?


RaNkeri Sep 15th, 2007 03:01 AM

So when did ZBF bring another fag friend of his to i-mock? And the hell happened to that other retard? The one eating a good chocolate cake.

MarioRPG Sep 15th, 2007 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by Sethomas (Post 504215)
Mario, you HAVE to stop fucking your mother if ghosts are going to enter into the ordeal.

Oh Seth, how right you are.

Guitar Woman Sep 15th, 2007 04:35 PM

So I went to the Red Cross today to give blood for the first time ever, and when they pricked my finger and started squeezing the fuck out of it I got a little dizzy. I told them about this, and the nurse started FUCKING OUT and made me put my head between my knees and cough a lot.

Then she determined that I wasn't qualified to donate blood because I would definantly faint if they took as much out of me as they were planning to, and they sent me on my way with a little sticker that said "I tried."

My mom laughed at me. :(

RaNkeri Sep 15th, 2007 04:37 PM

Sorry, but


DuFresne Sep 15th, 2007 04:49 PM

They pricked your finger? I've never given blood, but I thought they were supposed to use that vein in the arm. Or was this just some kind of preliminary test?

Guitar Woman Sep 15th, 2007 04:51 PM

Yeah, it's the preliminary test. They need to make sure you don't have AIDS or some such, and if you have enough iron in your blood.

Something that really bothered me about the place was that it was manned by a bunch of incompetant jerks. The lady who was tending me kept fucking up the parental consent form on the computer and making it in spanish, and whenever she left for a second some other nurse would pop into the room and try to survey me again, ignoring the fact that I kept telling them I was in the middle of one already.

It took about a half hour longer than it should have. I stole a fuckton of donuts and bad urn coffee for revenge.

Sethomas Sep 15th, 2007 04:58 PM

Dude, I am religious about giving blood, but I haven't done it in too long because the only people that do it around here are the Red Cross and they're totally incompetent.

The preliminary stick is to make sure you have enough iron in your blood to be useful or capable as a donor. To test for blood-borne infections they take a few vials of a few cc's during the actual blood extraction.

RaNkeri Sep 15th, 2007 04:59 PM

So do you get nauseous on the sight of blood?

Never given blood, but they've taken an ass load of blood tests. Mostly because it helps surveying my diabetes

Guitar Woman Sep 15th, 2007 05:06 PM

No, I don't have a problem with seeing my own blood or watching people stick needles into me, but I've never done well about losing blood, even a little bit. I can stay semi-concious if it's drawn out really slowly, but even then I get fucking anemic.

I guess this makes me a giant pussy!

DuFresne Sep 15th, 2007 05:15 PM

Not really. Pussies tend to be good at bleeding!

DuFresne Sep 15th, 2007 05:15 PM


Fathom Zero Sep 15th, 2007 05:17 PM

Who licks their own blood?

From like an accident or something, not purposeful.

Guitar Woman Sep 15th, 2007 05:20 PM

You aren't supposed to do that, because 1) it tastes really frigging bad, and 2) if you ingest too much of your own blood, you'll vomit. It's some sort of self defense mechanism your body has.

RaNkeri Sep 15th, 2007 05:21 PM

I do! Well, more like I suck my own blood.

For every time after measuring my blood sugar I usually suck the remaining drop. It has grossed out my friends ever since elementary school times.

liquidstatik Sep 15th, 2007 06:06 PM

no way

Fathom Zero Sep 15th, 2007 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by Guitar Woman (Post 504313)
You aren't supposed to do that, because 1) it tastes really frigging bad, and 2) if you ingest too much of your own blood, you'll vomit. It's some sort of self defense mechanism your body has.

I've never bled the required pints of blood to make me vomit, but if I had, I'm pretty sure I'd see a doctor rather than lick my wounds.

Guitar Woman Sep 15th, 2007 07:07 PM

It doesn't even have to be a bad cut. I remember slicing my mouth open the day after halloween on a really sharp lolipop, and I thought the awful salt taste was from a piece of candy gone wrong. Then about seven minutes later I was kneeling by the toilet, just in case, because I felt completely fucking awful. It was a lot of fun

MarioRPG Sep 16th, 2007 09:19 AM

What the---? This is the most pussy conversation ever. I remember I was getting blood work done and just to be a badass I watched them take the second needle/vial and fill it from my vein.

Cfr5 Sep 16th, 2007 12:17 PM

You win a raw slice of cow for being that manly!

That Man Sep 16th, 2007 03:25 PM


MattJack Sep 16th, 2007 03:30 PM

Fuck yall.

When they take blood from me I insist the needle has to go in my big vein on my dick.

And my dick must be hard.

And the nurse has to look in my eyes for the whole duration.

MattJack Sep 16th, 2007 03:32 PM

then they take that blood to Africa because it cures AIDs and Negro.

Fathom Zero Sep 16th, 2007 03:33 PM

hay mattjack

Fathom Zero Sep 16th, 2007 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by That Man (Post 504453)

Oh my god, what the fuck are you doing here?

MattJack Sep 16th, 2007 03:34 PM

hey what's up buddy?

Fathom Zero Sep 16th, 2007 06:19 PM

I finally saw the Simpsons movie!

liquidstatik Sep 16th, 2007 10:07 PM

no way

That Man Sep 17th, 2007 12:28 AM

I saw the Simpsons Movie harharhar

RaNkeri Sep 17th, 2007 07:06 AM

So, That Man, how are your funny articles/writings doing? You still haven't posted any

MarioRPG Sep 17th, 2007 04:44 PM

What the --- no! You weren't supposed to return. Oh well, at least Halo 3 will make you leave again.

Seven Force Sep 17th, 2007 05:26 PM

hey everybody

arg_zombies Sep 17th, 2007 05:35 PM


Emu Sep 17th, 2007 06:26 PM

that man your writings were due in february where are they

Seven Force Sep 17th, 2007 10:18 PM

hahahah that reminds me my writings are LONG overdue :(

liquidstatik Sep 18th, 2007 02:52 AM

no way

Matt Harty Sep 18th, 2007 03:24 AM

hey guys

noob3 Sep 18th, 2007 04:38 AM

wheres my bacon

Matt Harty Sep 18th, 2007 11:29 AM

it's a suprise!

MarioRPG Sep 18th, 2007 04:11 PM

I want some bacon too.

I think...?

Cfr5 Sep 18th, 2007 11:23 PM

I could smell bacon this morning while trying to do work. It was extremely distracting.

Yggdrasill Sep 19th, 2007 03:03 AM

I cut the bacon into pieces and roll em into ramen noodles for a semi stirfry dish of delicious

Yggdrasill Sep 19th, 2007 03:13 AM

I ALWAYS GET ON AS EVERYONE LEAVES , oh wait it's 1 am. Goodnight sleepers.

MarioRPG Sep 19th, 2007 03:01 PM

It's a tough life, relying on sleep and all.

Sam Sep 19th, 2007 09:21 PM


ArrowX Sep 19th, 2007 10:21 PM

Hey guys whats going on?

ArrowX Sep 19th, 2007 10:28 PM

this is gay I thought the chatroom thread was like a party?

Yggdrasill Sep 19th, 2007 11:57 PM

I thought this was a baby shower

Sethomas Sep 20th, 2007 12:01 AM

It's like a bridal shower when I'm in here, 'cuz I fulfill the hot male stripper role.


MarioRPG Sep 20th, 2007 05:02 PM

It's not our fault you were a sexy bowtie.

MattJack Sep 20th, 2007 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Sethomas (Post 504873)
It's like a bridal shower when I'm in here, 'cuz I fulfill the hot male stripper role.



you made me laugh.

I will use that line from now on and not give you credit for it.

Jixby Phillips Sep 21st, 2007 02:20 AM

Misdemonar Sep 21st, 2007 12:16 PM

ahah I work at mcdonlads now! they should call it macdonalds! hahaha

MarioRPG Sep 21st, 2007 03:11 PM

Woo, 50% off McD's 'food'!

Misdemonar Sep 21st, 2007 04:50 PM

hahah we make that stuff out of recycled paper towels

Emu Sep 21st, 2007 06:51 PM

The asian chicken salad is delicious :eek

MarioRPG Sep 22nd, 2007 07:39 AM

It's oriental. Or if your prefer minority. Oh whoops, not the second one.

Fathom Zero Sep 22nd, 2007 10:08 PM

Hey Chojin, why does your website keep asking me for an authentication password?

ItalianStereotype Sep 22nd, 2007 10:36 PM

cause our sigs rock too hard for you

Fathom Zero Sep 22nd, 2007 11:04 PM

I rocked the boat too hard.

zeldasbiggestfan Sep 22nd, 2007 11:46 PM

Is it me or is the forum asking for some Popnko.com registration? I dislike it :(

Terra Sep 23rd, 2007 12:31 AM

We have all signed on to it. I think you need to do the same. Or don't. And be gone from this site.


Guitar Woman Sep 23rd, 2007 01:16 AM

Trying to load Emu's sig makes it pop up.

It's all your fault, you bastard.

Chojin Sep 23rd, 2007 07:33 PM

uh, is it still doing it? the main site is loadin fine for me, I don't get why hotlinks wouldn't work

Fathom Zero Sep 23rd, 2007 09:09 PM

It's not doing it anymore. What'd ya fix?

Chojin Sep 24th, 2007 02:59 AM


Fathom Zero Sep 24th, 2007 04:01 PM


Terra Sep 24th, 2007 05:45 PM

I thought it was a hack thing.

Zomboid Sep 25th, 2007 03:36 PM

There is a guy doing renovations in my apartment and he keeps speaking arabic to himself :O

Chojin Sep 25th, 2007 03:38 PM

when he should be playing EARTHBOUND instead

Zomboid Sep 25th, 2007 03:44 PM

Don't worry, I told him I'd put an emulator and rom on a disc for him before he leaves.

Yggdrasill Sep 27th, 2007 01:24 PM

Wait till he gets to Scaraba it'll blow him away!

noob3 Sep 27th, 2007 03:56 PM

why can't you guys just buy earthbound like me

liquidstatik Sep 27th, 2007 03:57 PM


i need more backpack slots, but i need FSP points for that.
and since i'm too poor to donate, i have to recruit 8]

Fathom Zero Sep 27th, 2007 07:49 PM


"Click here for the voice of a stud!"

Matt Harty Oct 3rd, 2007 01:54 AM

wake up i-mockery :(

Fathom Zero Oct 3rd, 2007 07:46 AM

Good morning! :)

Seven Force Oct 3rd, 2007 12:49 PM

Good morning Fathom!

Seven Force Oct 3rd, 2007 12:50 PM

Or should I say good afternoon

Fathom Zero Oct 3rd, 2007 03:53 PM

Afternoon, old bean.

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