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J. Tithonus Pednaud Sep 12th, 2009 05:52 PM

Even more remakes...
This remake thing has really gone to far. Now remakes of classic horror are coming out with little or no fanfare at all. Which sort of defeats the reason companies put out remakes (to cash in on nostalgia and name value).

Of course, 'Sorority Row' just came out. A remake of 'The House on Sorority Row'.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this remake of 'It's Alive!' at a local horror con. Of course I had to pick it up just to see it. Have yet to watch it though.


Fright Night is being optioned for a remake by Dream Works.

Monster Squad has been optioned.

Hellraiser, Children of the Corn, Creature from The Black Lagoon, Shocker, The Gate....all in the works.

Then I hear there's another 'Blob' remake in the works.

And today, I discover that Plan 9 From Outer Space' is getting a 'more serious' remake.


Seriously, when is it going to stop? There are only a handful of remakes that were better than the original.

How many can you name?

10,000 Volt Ghost Sep 12th, 2009 06:00 PM

Casino Royale....or is this for horror remakes?

Fathom Zero Sep 12th, 2009 06:57 PM

They seem to be more prevalent for horror movies. "Scary" is a primal quality, easier to retell than some more complicated narrative.

BTW, Casino Royale is a horrible example of a remake.

Babs Sep 12th, 2009 07:59 PM

The Gate? Man, that's really going out of someone's way to do a remake. I had no idea the movie had any sort of popularity for it to even be considered remade.

No fucking messes around with Stephen Dorff's first appearance in a full length motion film.

10,000 Volt Ghost Sep 12th, 2009 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Fathom Zero (Post 647737)
They seem to be more prevalent for horror movies. "Scary" is a primal quality, easier to retell than some more complicated narrative.

BTW, Casino Royale is a horrible example of a remake.

The original wasn't that much of a sham.....

darkvare Sep 12th, 2009 09:47 PM

there's a remake of a french comedy movie called "le diner des cons" i recomend watching it freaking awesome movie

DougClayton4231 Sep 13th, 2009 11:52 AM

Some of the remakes aren't bad. I really liked Friday The 13th and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes mainly because I don't expect them to compare to the old ones. I just wanted to see Jason/Leatherface/Kenny Loggins horribly rape and pillage stupid teenagers. I hope they stop with the Creature From The Black Lagoon remake, that's utter bullshit.

Tadao Sep 13th, 2009 02:37 PM

I saw SciFi channel advertise their version of Children of the Corn last night. I think they are aring in in a couple of weeks.

ZeldaQueen Sep 13th, 2009 06:35 PM

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Witches

Actually, I sort of agree with The Witches, seeing as they screwed up the ending pretty darned badly.

Big Papa Goat Sep 14th, 2009 12:07 AM

The Hellraiser remake is probably going to be tremendously shitty, but I would still totally want to see it.

darkvare Sep 14th, 2009 12:41 AM

taken from the angry video game nerd blog

I’ve heard Rob Zombie will not be directing any more Halloween movies, but is going to be directing The Blob’s 2nd remake.

Geggy Sep 14th, 2009 02:00 AM

Poltergeist and clash of titans (it may not be a horror, but it still scared the crap out of me as a kid.)

I also heard there will be a remake of robocop which I think is ridiculous. Even more so that it will be directed by darren aronofsky (requiem for a dream and pi)

Guitar Woman Sep 14th, 2009 03:54 AM

What the fuck?

I could care less about most of these remakes, but Plan 9 and Rocky Horror?

You are kicking me in the balls, Hollywood.

DougClayton4231 Sep 14th, 2009 02:02 PM

Why would anyone remake robocop? That's like making a terminator movie without Arnold.....oh wait....

Babs Sep 15th, 2009 10:25 PM

If only they would remake all those new shitty Star Wars movies.

captain516 Sep 16th, 2009 12:33 AM

Oh god, not Robocop! Please, anything but that!

Zomboid Sep 16th, 2009 01:07 AM

I remember thinking that the TCM remake was the beginning of the end for modern horror :(

Preemptive: shutup, I know there are still good, NEW, horror movies. They're few and far between, though.

darkvare Sep 16th, 2009 01:52 AM

what if frank miller directs the new robocop would you like that?

Zomboid Sep 16th, 2009 02:00 AM

Fuuuuuck no!

captain516 Sep 16th, 2009 02:18 AM

Of course by like, you mean "hate intensely".

Durrsomething Sep 18th, 2009 09:10 PM

A serious remake of Plan 9 as a generic zombie movie.

They might just as well remake The Naked Gun as a serious Drama/Thriller with Liam Neesen.

Fuck Hollywood. Someday, I'm going to burn down their sign if they keep this remake shit up.

Dr. Boogie Sep 18th, 2009 10:14 PM

Forget that, they'll just remake Naked Gun as "Police Movie".

MattJack Sep 19th, 2009 01:23 AM


Originally Posted by Dr. Boogie (Post 649072)
Forget that, they'll just remake Naked Gun as "Police Movie".


RaNkeri Sep 25th, 2009 02:54 PM

Apparently there are talks of remaking the 80's version The Fly

kahljorn Sep 26th, 2009 06:20 AM

ive heard that they are thinking of remaking they live and it :O

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