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Raven Jun 16th, 2003 05:32 PM

I'm bored. As such I like to find ways to cure my boredom. And Newsfilter looked like shit from the lack of debating when you came that time. As such I want you to come back, mainly because you were entertaining. So I want you to come back so you can actually experience a proper Newsfilter argument. Here's just one topic to cause such a thing, Abortion. So come back and have an actually argument. Preechr, Gator, and myself are happy to oblige.

Preechr Jun 16th, 2003 06:29 PM

I think maybe you'd get a response here if you tried harder. I looked around a bit. Maybe you should make it a general invataion to talk about poo and the color of stuff... stuff like poo.

...or maybe it just picks up after nightfall. Seems kinda dead.

...and being dead makes it seem stupid and inane.

...I was hoping to see who was following Mr. Burbank around and kissing his butt and thinking he's a god.

...or maybe just something that somebody said that was funny... witty even.

Anyway, does anybody know how to turn on HTML? Is that not allowed, or is the feature not set up or something?


Tim Rogers.

Grazzt Jun 16th, 2003 06:31 PM

Shut the fuck up.

Preechr Jun 16th, 2003 06:37 PM



Originally Posted by Grazzt
Shut the fuck up.

HickMan Jun 16th, 2003 06:38 PM

Good call, Grazzt! :)

O71394658 Jun 16th, 2003 06:39 PM

Bring the ruckus anytime. If any ruckus needs to be brought. Perhaps we're exactly the same. Perhaps you're my twin.

Grazzt Jun 16th, 2003 06:44 PM

Stay out of our forum.

O71394658 Jun 16th, 2003 06:50 PM

Preechr Jun 16th, 2003 06:51 PM

Grazzt and his Hemhorroid, Hickman.
You two hangers-on are both registered at Newsfilter under the same names you use here and your accounts are activated.

Both of you can initially use the word "password" to login, and then you should immediately change your password to whatever you wish, for security. Then you should join in and get your silly asses kicked.

Grazzt Jun 16th, 2003 06:55 PM

Who, me? I've never been to Newsfilter in my life.

HickMan Jun 16th, 2003 06:56 PM

O71394658, I never want to see that again, ok? >:
That's just plain disturbing. And for God's sake get a new sig. >:

O71394658 Jun 16th, 2003 06:57 PM

Well Hickman, I guess that's why Grazzt's sig is there...

Preechr Jun 16th, 2003 07:00 PM

I registered you both. Feel free to login and post. If you don't hurry up and change your passwords, you'll have any idiot that wants to posting under your names.

Here is your link, should you care to drop in for a minute and look around. We need more people like you at Newsfilter.


whoreable Jun 16th, 2003 07:01 PM

FACT: people with extremely large signature images get BANNED.

HickMan Jun 16th, 2003 07:02 PM

If your saying my password to something I don't even belong to is "password". Well la dee friggin da! Whoever uses 'password' as their password is a complete moron.

Les Waste Jun 16th, 2003 07:03 PM

It's not just a coincidence that nobody else here has a signature more than 600 pixels high.

And you people are stupid fucks. As is the forum you post at. The forum you post at is a stupid fuck.

Why don't you go post at Brawl Hall? >:

O71394658 Jun 16th, 2003 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by Les Waste

Why don't you go post at Brawl Hall? >:

Because we're too stupid, I guess.

Grazzt Jun 16th, 2003 07:05 PM

Graz'zt is a relatively common name, he's a demon lord from D&D.

That picture, Hickman, is Hastur.

O71394658 Jun 16th, 2003 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by Grazzt

That picture, Hickman, is Hastur.

Son of a bitch has 400 hit points and two claw attacks that do 2-200 hit points of damage.

Les Waste Jun 16th, 2003 07:08 PM

Hastur sure does have some long tits.

Preechr Jun 16th, 2003 07:09 PM

Geez you guys are dense.

I registered your names just now at the Newsfilter message board, because I'd read some of your posts and I figured you might enjoy trying it out and the guys there would have fun with it.

When I set up your accounts, I used a generic password to make it easy for you to log in and post. I provided you with a link to get to the appropriate page.

Again, Geez...

HickMan Jun 16th, 2003 07:10 PM

"Hastur sure does have some long tits"
My thoughts exactly. >: :)

Grazzt Jun 16th, 2003 07:12 PM

I told you to shut the fuck up. Comply.

O71394658 Jun 16th, 2003 07:15 PM

Ha. He's telling the Preech' to comply. That's good shit.

Preechr Jun 16th, 2003 07:16 PM

Is this internet not big enough for the two of us, biggun?

You wanna take it outside?

I am so for as impressed as your average waffle. Can I get some whipped cream? Seems you're stocked up with fluff.

Does your board allow HTML to be used? It's a simple question.

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