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Fathom Zero Jun 12th, 2011 12:58 PM

Go Audi and Corvette.

captain516 Jun 12th, 2011 01:59 PM

I though that I could be somebody
Looks like I was wrong
I thought that I could make my mark
but I'm afraid I've waited much too long
Where is my American Splendor?
In a world that's cloudy and gray?
Will life keep passing by me day by day?

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:34 PM

I'm not doing much right now apart from Mr Shrub threatening to bash my face in again.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by kahljorn (Post 726029)
ill givve her something to be gleeful about

Sounds good. Let us set that up.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:36 PM

First up; I'd say Sasha is a female lady of the woman type.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:37 PM

She has a cat named Paco.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:38 PM

The cat is a Siamese, but I don't know if that has any bearing on Karl boffing her.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:39 PM

Now, it seems that Sasha has what looks like a daughter.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:40 PM

Kahl, is that a problem?

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:51 PM

She is a furry. :eek

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 06:54 PM

She is quite bad at poetry and knows it. She likes to Jamesman up her stuff every few years.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 07:07 PM

User names found so far: creeposaurus, Level7dinosaurmage, thenotoriousone, froggystain, and a few others that seem inactive like atomkiller and kamikazemouse.

Anyway, I have her address and phone number if you're keen, Kahl.

Grislygus Jun 12th, 2011 07:27 PM

I was going to remark on how surprisingly creepy that was, until your link allowed me to see her poetry and I was immediately snapped away from HUMAN mode


Why Do I Need You
by ~thenotoriousone

I hate what you've made me and I hate what you've become over the years while I was gone.
You're not a good boyfriend and you were never a good friend.
You're not someone I would confide in and go to when something's wrong.
Everytime I think of you, all I can remember are the bad memories and I get sick to my stomache.
I'll never forget the things you've done to me.
You ripped every piece of happiness out of me and now I'm dead.
You hid so much from me and you're still hiding things so I can never trust you.
You are a liar and a cheat and one day you'll get what's coming to you.
I won't do it but someone else will. Someone that you'll love as much as I love you.
I hate that someone I love so much can torment me just by being there.
Why are you so evil?
Why do you push people that care about you to the point where they can't stand the thought of you?
Why do you only hurt people that love and care about you?
Where is your heart?
Where is you conscience?
Where did they go?
Why do I need you?
Why me?

Grislygus Jun 12th, 2011 07:30 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, a magic trick. I will now pull a poem out of my ass, and it will be superior to every pathetic poem ever posted to deviantart

Grislygus Jun 12th, 2011 07:33 PM

Yearning, fighting, screaming, done.
Wells of hours ending;
Our lives content in hallowed streams
With the rebels gently dreaming.

Who knows what thoughts of men will burn
From searing, blackened skies?

What cost of promised holy gold,
when pried from living eyes?

Firemasked gods and brooding dolls
with swords of porcelain ring-
the waters rise,
the cities drown,
and the laughing bird will sing.

Grislygus Jun 12th, 2011 07:34 PM

abracadabra. Three goddamn minutes.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 07:47 PM

Gus, you are a talented chap. What is there even being a reason for you rubbing shoulders with someone like me. :eek

Otto Jun 12th, 2011 07:59 PM

It's because he's a man of the people! Just not the stupid and retarded ones.

kahljorn Jun 12th, 2011 08:16 PM


Kahl, is that a problem?


She is a furry. :eek

Guitar Woman Jun 12th, 2011 09:13 PM

No poetry is ever good, sorry.

"Poet" is actually an old Indian word that means "fucking wanker," and this is how I choose to interpret it whenever someone I meet claims to be a "poet."

You folks could improve your life quality tenfold if you simply urinated on every poem that crossed your path, rather than reading it. Yes, that's right, perfumed stationary, tell me all about those wistful summer days of yore. Tell me right into my dick.

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 09:29 PM

There is plenty of good poetry, you self-righteous delusional fag.

You only get to call yourself a poet when you get paid for it and even then you should be so fucking ashamed of that. Fucking 'writers' piss me right the fuck off.

Guitar Woman Jun 12th, 2011 09:39 PM


kahljorn Jun 12th, 2011 09:58 PM


i thought poets never got paid and died without anybody ever caring about them or having any respect for them

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 10:19 PM

True story. Goddamn poets. >:

Pub Lover Jun 12th, 2011 10:19 PM


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