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Marilyn666 Nov 11th, 2003 03:38 PM

My name isn't chuck anymore
My name is no longer chuck so stop calling me that(yes Nathan that includes you).

Schimid Nov 11th, 2003 03:39 PM


Marilyn666 Nov 11th, 2003 03:40 PM

You arn't even worth talking to anymore.

Schimid Nov 11th, 2003 03:41 PM

Who isn't?

Big McLargehuge Nov 11th, 2003 03:42 PM

When are your parents coming to pick you up?

Krythor Nov 11th, 2003 03:42 PM

Who the hell is Nathan?

Marilyn666 Nov 11th, 2003 03:43 PM

Obviously :rolleyes

Krythor Nov 11th, 2003 03:44 PM

Riiiiiighht :rolleyes :rolleyes

Spooky Nov 11th, 2003 03:45 PM

Chucks trying to turn it around on me.


Cap'n Crunch Nov 11th, 2003 03:47 PM

Haha, everyone has McClain's Bitch titles. :(

Spooky Nov 11th, 2003 03:48 PM

if i was a mod (and one day i will be :( ) i'd so make his title "CHUCK!"


Marilyn666 Nov 11th, 2003 03:48 PM

Well their's to Nathans. The first nathan is some kid who is so queer and retarded that he's funny so I've been obssed with him for like 6 months now. Spooky reminded me of Nathan so that's who I was talking about.

Cap'n Crunch Nov 11th, 2003 03:49 PM


DamnthatDavid Nov 11th, 2003 03:50 PM

Obsessed with a Queer. Wouldn't that make you Gay?

Schimid Nov 11th, 2003 03:50 PM

Who the fuck are you? :lol

Marilyn666 Nov 11th, 2003 03:52 PM

No not in that way. I mean like me and my best friend made so manny things up about him. We even made a joke about how his funeral will be like. I have like thousands of jokes about him. He's not literaly queer, and it wouldn't make me gay becuse I'm a girl.

Cap'n Crunch Nov 11th, 2003 03:53 PM

Tristan is very angry because Yugi took his cokaine away.

Spooky Nov 11th, 2003 03:53 PM


Krythor Nov 11th, 2003 03:54 PM

hahah I bet it was all like 'at his fuyneral he'll be dead and his dad will be liek "I dont care hes' a fagot" :lol

DamnthatDavid Nov 11th, 2003 03:57 PM

So, with all these jokes, you going to twist this poor little gay guy into a twisted killer. Who will fucking come after you with a chain saw on a dark night.
"NO!!! Nathan! NOOOOOO!" You will scream.
"You Slut! You going to die! You Stole my man!" Queer Nathan would yell.

And then he will kill you. And whine about a broken nail.

Marilyn666 Nov 11th, 2003 04:01 PM

No. Nathan will be dead and it will be an open casket. I will be standind there with a video camera. Some guy will be standing next to me crying as I look at him he turns into Nathan. I look behind me and every one turns into Nathan. Nathan Rises from his casket smiling and gets hit in the head with a bucket. Before you know it the whole world turns into Nathan. Besides that funeral was also funny because they killed Maury from the Wiggles just so they have a combined funeral. And thats why his funeral would be funny.

Cap'n Crunch Nov 11th, 2003 04:02 PM


camacazio Nov 11th, 2003 04:03 PM

I think chuck lost it.

Cap'n Crunch Nov 11th, 2003 04:04 PM


Marilyn666 Nov 11th, 2003 04:04 PM

That still doesn't look like me.

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