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Seth "I've never "brought up your ethnicity", except maybe when I told you that I was to eat pork one evening at Loon Lake Lodge last summer. I merely point out the fact that you have a masturbatory preoccupation with Israeli interests that makes you an ignorant piece of shit when it comes to anything else. Give me one example of when I've used bigoted language or Jewish slurs. Show your cards, asshole. "

That paragraph alone says it all. So desperate for a jab that you thought that particular joke about kosher dietary laws was even funny? P.S. I had a pork bun for lunch.

Seth "Don't you think that if I wanted to talk about the Jews, I would bring up those whom I've slept with? "

Fetishizing race? Oh yawn. The only thing biting or funny about that is the dillusional pretense that you've even had sex. Loaning your copy of David Duke's "Jewish Supremacism" to a cute Jewess co-ed is not sex.

At least my comments about you being Catholic were made in a fucking thread titled CATHOLICS... and I didn't have to resort to stereotypes or slurs to do it.

Burbank - the point being that even when people represent their opinions with some ethnic pride, it's not an invite for racial comments. i realize the bigots among us, failing miserably to excersise some self control call this a "double standard" .... but EVEN when someone like Al Sharpton or Farrakahn (both extremists and ethnocentrics in my book) stand up representing themselves by their ethnicity, it's not okay for someone to respond with slurs and invoke the topic "slavery" to an unrelated debate, right? this is no different to me as a jew with comments about the holocaust and my "victim complex" .
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