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Originally Posted by TheCoolinator View Post
Nice info,
Regarding the whole printing / manufacturing stuff. I really think they need to drop the quality of some of these comic books. End the use of high gloss paper, end the use of expensive inks, we don't need any of that. I fully enjoy 80's / 90's manufactured comic books equally if not more than the ones out today. I think they should have both and let the people decide on which they want to buy.
OK that's again, NOT how printing works. If they split the paper types then the cost would actually go UP.

And at BEST they'd save $0.10 MAXIMUM per issue going from glossy to crappy paper.

I could point to a lot of culprits that led us to this point... and there's no SINGLE one. A TON of mistakes have been made industry-wide over the past couple decades. From abandoning the newsstands for Direct Market, to Marvel's ill-fated purchases of numerous companies including Heroes World, to Diamond's monopolistic tactics, to stories that pander to fanboys instead of trying to reach new audiences, to the advent of video games, to, to the gouging of printers and their price-fixing tactics....

That list goes on and on. In a word, short-sightedness, greed, and an overall unwillingness to adapt are why comics are $3 and circling the toilet bowl.

They're at a point now where they frankly HAVE to charge $3 for the comic to lose LESS money. They're still losing. Make no mistake. They simply cannot afford to sell those comics for less than that.

It's sad.
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