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DSprings, an endless party and how it ended.....

I decided to move back to Maryland. I could not afford a place to live with the kids (almost got a mortgage throuh Countrywide, but I was too shitty even for them--thank god) so I worked out a deal with my Mother In Law that I would pay rent to her for the kids, and got an apartment with in my old friend Ronnies house.

Now this was pretty much a place to keep my shit, it was not home. I considered it a bedroom in a different house. It was out of the way enough that i never saw Nancy, and i got to spend a lot more time with the kids. without a 200 mile daily drive, and just paying June and my rent I was doing pretty good. i had a good mix of social life, family life, and Ronnie ran a recording studio out of his house so i also had a lot of good music.

otherwise Ronnies place was a complete shithole. When my parents delivered the last of my stuff to me my mother cried because she felt scared for me. i felt bad, but the chemo and radiation therapy had worked a miracle--five years after being told she was going to die she was just fine. the cancer may kill her one day, but for now it is in stasis with no sign of growing any time soon. she was always worried about me, and i could see her point this time.

i had several housemates.

first there was Ronnie, he had really bad arthritis because his mother had broken all his bones with a hammer when he was a baby. the medicine they gave him to treat his arthritis caused severe circulatory problems and his legs had begun to rot, and smell. Ronnie was bedridden, and screamed at the top of his lungs every morning when he shit.

Chuck was the fattest, most disgusting person i ever met. he got fired from his job at Wendy's for being too fat, smelly, and stupid. he was now Ronnies nurse, and whipping boy. he also liked to tell me my business, and leave his snot everywhere on his face.

and then there was Joe. Joe had at one time been the best musician in our area. his band had been signed to a big deal by Geffen Records and was poised to become famous. and for some reason pretty much all the guys in the band started smoking crack and living up to the reputation of Southern Maryland rednecks. he installed carpets and went on crack binges, but could play the guitar better than anyone i ever saw.

otherwise there was always some local band, their buddies, and slutty rock band coke head groupie chicks lounging around. it was fun sometimes, but mostly annoying. i have written most of my life story for the last little while very publicly (or at least to you assholes), but in real life i stay pretty much isolated and i like it.

in my travels with Brian and Ivy i ran into an old friend named Lizzy. Lizzy had dated a friend of mine in highschool. he got her pregnant when she was 14, and then killed himself because of some drug dealing issues. Lizzy had a really funny way of talking and i liked hanging out with her. She came to hang out with me one night and she stayed for a few months. not as my guest though her and Joe hooked up, and would hide in his room and smoke crack and fuck.

i had a little garter snake. i liked getting high and putting a little fishbowl in the middle of the snakes tank and watching the snake kill goldfish. it was the only thing i really had. and one night i came home and my snake was gone, along with anything of mine that could have some sort of value. i was very upset.

in the room next to mine Joe and Lizzy were fucking. when they finished Lizzy came to my room and very sincerely apologized for stealing my shit and trading it for crack. then Ronnie and Chuck wanted to have a house meeting with me to dicuss how I needed to take on some of the burden of caring for Ronnie and household chores. i changed the agenda of the meeting and told them to fuck off. then my car broke down.

i had 99 problems, and a bitch would become one. this continues.....
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