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now that is in part how i came to live with Nancy again.

Jason was the most awkward human being i have ever met. he was deaf in one ear, bald at twenty something and had seizures. Tuesday had a daily fake seizure at 10:20 am. the first time i met Jason i was meeting Nancy to give her the kids for Easter, and she was taking them to Jason's family house to celebrate the holiday. we met in front of a Bob Evans that would come to be house of humiliation for Jason. just as Nancy and Jason (see his picture below, we nicknamed him Mister Magnet) approached, Tuesday launched into a seizure. I laughed right in Jason's stupid face.

Now that day, i was all alone. i actually spent the day sitting in my car listening to Johnny Cash and smoking cigarettes. i also put the sheemie curse on him.

i had been cursed once as a child. my mother had left us in the care of this creepy old gypsy lady that she knew from work. Auris fancied herself a gypsy witch and scared the living hell out of me and my brother. we went outside to avoid having to be around Auris in her smelly house. Auris had a rather large German Sheppard. it promptly attacked my little brother, knocking him to the ground and latching onto his hand. There was a small pile of Alternators on the porch, i grabbed one and smashed the dog over the head with it. several times. Auris was pretty mad that i killed her dog in such a graphic matter. she said that i was being put in her curse book.

i did not think much of it until years later when i was hanging out with a Marine buddy of mine named Soto and his wife Deeana. We were pretty drunk, and Deeana came up to me and said she was a witch and that i had been cursed. Jason confirmed that she was a powerful witch. Deeana insisted on having a ceremony to break the curse.

Soto and Deeana left the room. a few minutes later they came back and Deeana was naked. we sat in a triangle with Deeana facing me. Ever sat across from an attractive naked girl sitting cross legged? it was great fun. the whole ceremony i stared at Deeana's pussy and tits. I don't think the whole removal ceremony worked, but i did have something to jerk off about for days. and i became a firm believer in the power of that gypsy bitches curse. for the record Auris died in 2009, my Mom went to her funeral.

i took all my rage and hate and focused it on Jason, on his family, and everything he cared about. i honestly and sincerely begged the whole universe to fuck with this guy. and it worked like a fucking charm

the next morning his brother was smoking PCP while driving to work and rammed the back of a private ambulance. the oxygen tanks were not properly secured in the ambulance and exploded from the impact (my curse was so powerful it had collateral damage) and killed two people. his brother is still in jail and will be for a long time to come.

he got thrown out of his band because one night when they were doing a show he looked out in the crowd and saw Nancy making out with another dude. he started crying and refused to keep playing. and all of his share of the money for a trailer to haul their band shit burned in a fire that he was responsible for. he wrecked his brand new car in a DUI.

Nancy took to beating him up on a regular basis. in a memorable event that was related to me by my sister in law and June Nancy flipped a table over at the Bob Evans i mentioned earlier and attacked Jason. the police had to come get her off him. June was pretty disgusted that Jason had cried.

Jason was the cause of the fire at their trailer. in the hours after it burned down i was an arson suspect. i had come there a few days prior in the middle of the night. i made them listen to the Johnny Cash song "When the man comes around" like ten times, and made them hide something for me.

i was pumping gas. i saw a shaving bag on top of the pump. i was vaugely curious about what was in it. i thought it might be a bomb or something. i opened the bag. it was filled with drugs and money. $500 in cash, about three ounces of weed, and two hundred ecstacy pills (daisy's). i kept the weed and money, but i was scared to drive around with all those pills. the only person i knew in the world to give them to was Nancy.

after making them listen to Johnny Cash and hiding my bag of drugs, i was feeling pretty nice towards them. i offered to install the washer and dryer Jason's parents had gotten them. i believe they were a little scared of me, and told me that Jason was looking forward to installing them.

when the fire investigator cleared my good name by declaring the fire a result of an improperly installed dryer i felt pretty cool about losing all the pills.

Nancy and Jason had to live in his parents basement for a awhile. they eventually rented a basement apartment from a guy named Walt brown. on their first night there they had the kids over. Jason was tasked with cooking a Digornio pizza (the kind with cardboard on the bottom). He forgot to take the cardboard off and it caught fire in the oven. Nancy put it out, and then slammed the melted and burned pizza messy side down over his head.

he ran out into the night crying and never came back. my curse was comlete.

and so about a week before my snake got stolen for crack Nancy needed a roommate. it did not seem like a great idea, but i did not figure it would be too awful. it was more awful than ever. if i was there alone with her she would try to seduce me and then go apeshit crazy on me. so for my own personal safety i made sure we were never alone.

and i started a never ending party.
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