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i want to clear something up.

every time i come back to imockery some sort of crazy shit goes down. then i lose my natural stopping point. i will think, "jorge, this is where this should end. it can't go on forever." and so i will pick up writing to get to that point. then some other shit happens. always when i think i am just about to be happy, and get some sort of cathartic effect out of writing this it all happens again.

so i am always reluctant to get started again because i dont like letting people down and i do love these forums. i think they are a million times better than reddit i just always return when i think i can be consistent and i am pretty wrong every time. so here i go again.

just to be clear, i am sorry for being a dick tease with this story. if anything the fits and starts should make completely clear the sort of life i have (am) lived (living) it all goes on.
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