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I always had the problem with Silent Hill that it got boring after a while because you were running around those...well not very memorable enviroments, figuring out what the hell the game wants you to do, find or turn now. More emphasis on combat is not a bad thing I think. Or at least improving the combat system.

*reads above* Hm, and now I finally know what Pyramid Head is...can´t really call that a spoiler since it´s my problem that I didn´t finish a 7-year old game.

Reminds me of another thing. The enemies. I somehow fail to find most of them scary. Some of them are disturbing, as said Pyramid Head, but most of them just seem to be random bits of warped flesh that has an epic seizure (Seizures ARE scary, I´ll give them that anytime).

Also I kinda like how they used the movie-world-warp this time, it´s a nice effect, even though it was a little more interesting to not instantly know that the world has shifted (Am I over there now? Was that the siren?).

Looking forward to it. Still don´t have a release date for Europe though I think...not that there wasn´t a ton of other games to play right now.
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