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Your sister is ugly and your mother is a whore
She wanted to abort you but she was too poor
Your father is a junkey and your brother was a nut
When he was playing in the street he was crushed by a track

Now let me tell you all about the other night
I sneaked into your mother's bedroom when she turned off the light
She layed there in her filthy bed sleeping like a dead
I woke her up and shouted out commanding her to spread

Then I fucked your mom
Yes I fucked your mom

She did exactly as I planned did not refuse a bit
I look at her and realized, o boy she looked like shit
Deep inside her worm our pussy I started the rotation
But when I felt her disgusting smell I lost my motivation

But I fucked your mom
That's right I fucked your mom

I pulled my dick out of her cunt but then she wanted more
I climbed out through the window then I pissed in your front door
Now I've got the proof that your mother is a slut
One night I'll be back and then I'll fuck her in the butt

I fucked your mom
I fucked your motherfucking mom!
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