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Old Aug 17th, 2012, 10:51 PM        DECISIONS
At the end of this summer, I need to sorta decide what to do with my life. I got my bachelor's degree in writing/communications at the end of April, but I haven't bothered applying to anything in my field yet. I've already done enough work in that field that I have a bit of experience and a degree, which is nice, but everything that I've looked at looks boring and shitty.

Here's the thing: I can either keep looking and do the scattershot approach with my applications, hoping that I hit something acceptable to me, or I can spend a few months (I was thinking of going up until early December) working on oil rigs, which means reeeeeally good money, even at the base level, but absolutely filthy, horrible fucking work. If I did the latter, I could pay off some looming debt and likely put a sizeable down-payment on a new vehicle, but I'd be away from home (but still in my province) and hate my life for those months.

I realize that this is one of those first world problems, but I'd still like some thoughts from anyone with anything worthwhile to say.

That was very funny. Well done.
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