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Originally Posted by Mad Melvin View Post
Honestly, I can't remember them anymore. I just remember being annoyed at these stupid little mistakes the episodes kept having. Also, I hated the episode where Dexter's brother, or the "dark passenger" came to visit and Dex shot a road sign for some reason, fucked a minor and became all moustache twirling evil for one episode. Then they just pressed reset at the end and it was never mentioned again. The other characters acted kinda out of place too. What the hell was with that dope smoking scene with Batista and that asshole Quinn? It was not funny, it had nothing to do with anything and again, it was never mentioned after that. And what the hell was the point of Mos Def? He just babbled some cliched christian philosophy and then got shot. Nothing ever came of it, except Dexter killed some dude. Blah.

Anyhoo, the opening of season 7 was suprisingly pretty good! And Ray Stevenson is awesome, so thats another big plus right there.
Yet you find no problems with Breaking Bad.

also, where do you get the idea that incest is a part of the story?

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