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Originally Posted by Kitsa View Post
I think the flyers got snowed out and will be playing back to backs when they play us, so hopefully that works well for us
Originally Posted by Kitsa View Post
We play Philly in about half an hour here.

Philly is getting to be one of those teams I really, really dislike.
Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
YAY! fuck philly


I hope the duck fucks eat shit hard tonight.
Originally Posted by Kitsa View Post
Fuck Philly indeed. Did you see us in the Metro standings? Amazing. I think it was like our thousandth home season game or something, too. 8 in a row.

The bad thing about the Jackets being hot right now is that all those fair weather bandwagon assholes start piling on. Particularly those from OSU.
Yep, Kit got her wish. Seriously, it looks like the BJ's forgot how to lose.

Flyers are continuing their rise to mediocrity.
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