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Old Aug 27th, 2014, 03:13 PM        Finding Halloween Events for a Fullfilling 31st
These last few Halloweens have passed me by with many regrets on my part, because I did not work hard enough to take advantage of all that things that happen during the season. Since it's my favorite holiday, it certainly isn't paying justice to it!

As such, I want to make sure I do SOME things this year, like go to a haunted house, visit a REALLY good Halloween store, go to a horror movie festival, or whatever.

However . . . how, exactly, could I go about finding out about these events? As the Halloweens have passed me by, I don't exactly remember actually ignoring any significant advertisements for things like corn mazes or anything, so I wonder how I could position myself to have the best chances of finding this kind of information.

Does anyone know of any means? If it helps at all, I live in Texas, primarily within the Dallas/Plano cities.
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