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The Mad Max Review.

When I first heard of this legend, Mad Max, I was so very eager to meet this person. The one person who everyone loves to despise.
My frist impression showed me a man so desperate for any sort of attention that he stalks the message boards, and attacks without mercy, with all the fury, and power of an enraged inchworm.

Mad Max is about as annoying as a bad cough. It bugs you, and might interupt your daily life, but that is all.
His catch-phrase "fucktard" is unoriginal, his insults trite.
Overall, his insults remind me of Middle-School students trying to act tough.

We can only hope that reality sets in for Mad Max, and he must face the real world. With a fucktard on his lips, and a dildo in his hand, he must venture forth from his parent's house, and become a man.

No doubt his scathing remark is chosen at random from his bag'o'insults, and he might even alter it a bit to fit me.
Either that or I have just gained myself a Fucktard.
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