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Originally Posted by Guitar Woman View Post
Yeah, this game is only second in my heart to Mischief Makers.

Although I would love to have an actual SNES cartridge with all the scratch n sniff crap and the giant box it comes in, I don't see myself getting it any time soon because 1) My SNES is lacking controllers and a power cord which I can't find anywhere and don't want to pester my dad to get me off of eBay right now, and 2) the Earthbound cart alone is like 50 fucking dollars, so I'm sure all the other stuff must make the price jump close to a hundred bucks, which is ridiculous.

As for difficulty, all I have to say is Fourside Department Store.

To make it worse, this game is by far the easiest in the trilogy, which makes me feel like a creampuff.
I bought the cart from Best Buy back in like 96 after renting it and the other Big Box game (Mario Paint) once. I started playing one of the saves on the cart, which happened to be at Threed. I couldn't figure out what to do, so I walked around aimlessly until I someone mentioned a strange tent on the south side of town. I made my way there and then proceeded to shit myself as the tent grew a face.
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