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In the Most Horrific Abomination Committed to Film I'm sure that B.H.C. was complete drech. But everyone knew that from the poster and previews and sharp pain you get in your brain when you think about. Now Twilight is a complete abomination in its own sneaky clever way like Jerry McGuire. Twilight claims to be a movie about vampires and teenage angst, alright I can get behind that. But then all of a sudden you find out these vampires don't feed on people, enh, ok I guess i buy it. Then to top it all off...oh vampires CAN go out in the sun they just glitter. Glitter? What? NO! Vampires can't go out in the sun. I stormed home opened up Preacher shoved it in my girls face and said, "see, look...vampires burn, then fucking explode! They don't *glitter*". There is only one Day Walker that I want to see movies about.
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