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I think the problem with be kind rewind is that for a movie that everyone was expecting (because of the premise) to be completely silly and out-there it was grounded with this rather depressing story about a small community that was falling apart at the hands of change. For every crazy movie remake they would make you'd be slapped in the face with some more really depressing plot just when you start to enjoy yourselves. It was billed as a wacky buddy comedy but was actually one of those depressing arthouse films. I enjoyed it a lot, I just didn't find it funny and I desperately WANTED it to be funny.

As for the X-files movie, I'll be honest in that I haven't seen it yet. The problem with this film is the HORRIBLE promotion (or lack there of) it recieved. I didn't even know the thing was in production and then poof! A few weeks before it is released these very "tv-movie" commericals start popping up for it. And when do they decide to release it? Between Iron Man and the Hulk of course. The poor film didn't have a chance.
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