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Originally Posted by Dr. Boogie View Post
The thing I don't like about Steam, apart from forcing you to download patches that can break your game, is that the licensing agreement states that if the Steam program is ever shut down, the company is under no obligation to offer fixes so that you can play their games offline.

Steam may not exactly be on its way out right now, but if it ever does, and you want to play a Steam game, you're SOL. Your only option will be to wait and see if the pirates will come up with a way around it, or otherwise just download a new warez copy.
I've had tons of problems with not bieng to play COD : W@W because steam won't figure out how to give us the patch till 1 and 1/2 a week after. There is a way though, if you go into your reg, you can change (Digital Distribution) to something else, I forget, maybe something other than steam. Then you can apply the patch and download the newest nocd crack for that patch. I know it sucks, but fuck man, whatchagonnado other than never buy from them again ever, which is what I decided to do.
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