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Originally Posted by Zomboid View Post
Well, that was certainly unexpected! I like that your first instinct was to do...whatever that was, rather than confront me (via the internet, no less) about it. I guess you sort of did, but I think calling someone spineless under the assumption that he won't see it is a bit toothless. Or did you know that I'd know that you'd know what I posted, and you just wanted attention, or something?

I'm not sure how legitimately fucked up you are nowadays, so I'm going to assume that you think multiple posts is a genuine annoyance for me. Well, let me quell that fear! No, I find you annoying more because you remind me of a chatroom, circa 2003, where everyone just types stream of consciousness messages one sentence at a time. I think this might be the first time I've ever addressed you directly on here, and it's at a point where there is absolutely fucking nothing else worth commenting on in these forums, so good on ya.

That baby image, though... That hurt.
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