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I was always more of a lurker, but I really enjoyed this place once. I signed up in 2003, back when I was a teenage douchebag. Got a lot of laughs here throughout the years, but then life happened and I sort of forgot about this forum for a few years. I am now 30 years old, and still a fucking douchebag, so I think waltzing down the ol' memory lane is just honky dory! Here are some highlights I remember fondly:

- mburbank vs. VinceZeb and the whole catholicsamurai thing
- FatSatan was a funny guy. There were others too, but I don't wanna feed their bloated egos.
- Helm, the Greek god of all things metal
- At one point, the forum was so full of made up characters, it was hard to keep up. They became more absurd as time went on
- The secret santa events were a hoot
- Noob bashing. Some did not survive it, some proved to be funny, some just stayed even though no one liked them.
- Made a couple of friends here, altough the friendships didn't stand the test of time

As sad as it may seem, this forum really was a big deal in my life at one point. Thanks for that, I guess.
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