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With this particular mother, I can't see her being arsed to even hold one end of the leash. Everyone in the waiting area (well, except for one asshole who just sat back and laughed like the kid was hilarious) was stunned that the kid was acting so fantastically bad and the mom was doing absolutely nothing about it. I mean, I have never seen a kid behave this badly in public EVER, and I worked 8 years in an ER.

Usually, a kid will have a boundary and will sit up and take notice when the right person tells them they've crossed it. Sometimes it takes the mom snapping at them, sometimes if a stranger says something it'll scare the shit out of the kid and get them to behave. This kid had noooo boundaries whatsoever. It was almost as if he hadn't been socialized the slightest bit. Even a kid who's being bratty won't jump up on a registration person's desk, grab her papers, throw them into the waiting room and laugh, or sneer at a stranger who's telling him to get down off the chair before he hurts himself.
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