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For the record, I'm fine with transparency, what I'm not fine with is allowing small countries with little to no military to be open to black mail. Let me guess. I'm completely wrong and this could never happen. Well I'm not saying that it is happening, I'm saying this is just one of the many horrible things that can happen just so that armchair politicians can read the latest hot gossip and complain by the water cooler about how bad the world is.

Good thing we found out abut all this stuff, now let the change roll over me like a cool mountain breeze on a hot summer night! Ahhhhhhhh refreshing!

I know, you need a better example. Let's say a county like Georgia has done some really illeagal things against Russia in order to prepare themselves against Putin's constant manuvering. Now that people who work withing Georgia's government have a place to reveal these secrets that they themselves were probably a part of as well, and the whole world is so hungry for these secrets that they are willing to protect these whistle blowers, said blower can ask for a lot of stuff or they will give the secrets out. Georgia will pay for sure, they can't afford to be held accountable, but major countries like the U.S. and Russia can just ignore the crime they themselves have committed because no one is going to take them down.

Whatever though, telling you this is gonna prevent this from happening as much as Hilary Clinton is gonna be punished for her crimes against the U.N.
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