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Originally Posted by yabuturtle View Post
Just because I would want the drugs to be legal, doesn't mean I want people to use drugs. It's their right to use it. It's there personal choice, and their choice alone. As I said the government can't make you a better person and it can't make you follow good habits. That is what you fail to understand. Prohibition of drugs SOUNDS good, but just because it sounds good doesn't mean that it is good. It didn't work for alcohol. It didn't work back then, there's no reason to think it would work now with other drugs. What more proof do you need? Besides it wouldn't be legal everywhere. Ron wants the STATES to decide
The problem with that is the people who choose to use drugs effect those who choose not to, that's why things like murder are not legal. People have a right not to be invaded by certain things, drugged up psychos are one of them. If states were to suddenly legalize heroin or meth you would have severe issues. I already hate meth heads as it is, and I'll be damned if I want them invading my life because they can legally do it everywhere. States rights are wel and good, but sometimes a state just makes the wrong decision. As Tadao brought up, slavery was a states rights thing. Do you want that sort of world to come back?

PS Alcohol prohibition was eliminated on a federal level, so your alcohol argument for states rights is at best flawed

PPS I think this board may have its new Coolinator, that'll make Colonel's day
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