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Questions to ask about the plans and suggestions posted there.

1.) Does your workplace have a 'safe room' prepared to accomodate all staff? Do tey have water, food and flashlights at the ready?

2.) Do public bu8ldings have any of these accomodations?

3.) Do public schools have them?

The answer to all three is no. Why? Because beyond the desire to have food and water on hand in the case of ANY emergency, this is irresponsible crap and all the money that went in to think it up is PR driven. What scientists were consulted? Cuase where I ork, I'm surrounded by science educators ANY of who can tell you that if you seal a room well enough to keep out biological or chemical pathogens (and you almost certainly couldn't) you'd have five hours of breathable air, give or take four hours and thirty five minutes depending on how many people were sharing the room with you. Tom Ridge should be ashamed. What's needed for 'preparedness' is to refocus on al Quaeda and give money to the states for their police and fire squads for staff and TRAINING so they'd know better than to suggest fucking DUCT TAPE. It's a darn shame our surplus magically changed into a deficit. We could have used some of that money for security.
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