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I was going to make a new thread, but found this one instead, here is a mini-review for those who haven't decided.

So, today I bought Tetris DS, and I must say it's fanta-fucking-fabulous!
I really think that everyone has heard of Tetris, so there is no need to explain a lot, except the new game features.

First of all it counts with 6 different playing modes, which are:

Standard Mode:
This is the normal gameplay of Tetris, it has a Super Mario bros theme and some other Nintendo game songs.

Mission Mode:
In here you have to complete what is displayed on the above screen, for example: Clear 2 lines with a Square Tetrimino.
This mode has a The legend of Zelda theme.

Push Mode:
This is better when played against someone rather than playing against the bot, in here both players share a whole tetris Arena which covers the 2 screens, you are located in the top one and your friend in the lower screen.
The objective here is to push your opponent all the way down until he loses, you push him by clearing lines of Tetris.
This mode has a Donkey Kong theme.

Touch Mode:
This is the one that uses the touch screen in all it's holyness, in this mode Tetriminoes dont fall, they are already placed in a tower and you have to rotate them or slide them with your stylus, the objective is to clear most of them until a cage of ballons that was on top reaches the ground; there is no time limit in this mode.
There is also a mission mode for this, which is pretty much like mission mode exceot that here you use the Touch gameplay.
This mode has a Ballon Fight theme (hence tha cage of ballons).

Catch Mode:
This one is a very original new mode, in here you control one central block, which can be moved and rotated. You have to catch falling Tetriminoes, which adhere to the central block; once you have a segment of 4x4 or greater, it will detonate. You can then use the explosion to destroy enemies. If the Tetriminoes fall beyond the boundaries, or if the central block is hit by enemies, you will lose energy. Energy is depicted at the bottom of the screen as a bar.
This mode has a Metroid theme.

Puzzle Mode: This one is also new, and a very interesting one too, in here the top screen displays a Tetris Arena with several lines and gaps already placed. The lower screen displays a limited selection of Tetriminoes to choose from. You have to choose the best one to fill the gaps and in the correct order to clear the lines.
This mode has a Yoshi's cookies theme.

And the cherry to top this wonderful selection of modes, you have LAN multiplayer in which up to 10 players may play.

And the best of the best.... Wi-fi mode, in which you can battle another opponent in standard mode or Push mode, and you can also play against other 4 people in a standard play, only this time you count with items, making the game even better.

I give this game a 10/10 (I rarely give perfect scores), it's really a marvelous game that challenges you forever, the replay value is endless and the w-fi is just crazy, this is a must buy for every Nintendo DS owner and/or Tetris lover.


Oh, and here's a little High-score I made:

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