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Old Jul 6th, 2011, 07:30 PM        lets play a game
i had a lot of fun last night, but i am not quite as good as i used to be (or never was very good) but i think we can have fun another way.

i propose a game. this post is the start. somone or anyone reply to this with the following:

i bet cock (or whatever you can think of)

and then everyone or anyone replies with the same thing for the person above them:

i bet thrasho.....eats pussy (or whatever)

and so on. speed and brevity are the object. i will send the funniest person a gift (for realz). we can figure out some way to vote or whatever.

you must reply to everyone that says somehing about you, and the person above you when you go to post. it should be interesting at least.
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