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I am still Brad Wonging it up as good as I used to. I beat the story mode. I wish they would have just made the story mode the same as the last one. I miss unlocking an ending for each character. Anyways, online I am still pretty awesome. People already sent me hate messages for Wonging their shit up. I like to spend a lot of the fight on my back since a lot of people don't know how to fight it. Then when they get too close, I pop up, juggle them a bit, and then lay back down. It's fun stuff. And I'm starting to get back into knowing when to play a hold move or when to use a throw against a blocker. I am so happy DOA is back.

I don't feel that the levels are as deep as part 4. Only a few danger zones and not as much crazyness as part 4, but still great levels. I am thinking of making Gen Fu my second after Wong, but I'm not sure yet. I have to play around with him a little more.
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