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Especially with all the Porn ad's

Uh, please tell me where these porn ads are, Lenor. I've never had porn ads on my site, and it's well known that I'm quite against making money that way. I work a shitty-assed full-time job when I could put a few porn ads on this site and make more money than I do at said job. But I choose not to. This site is extremely tame when it comes to advertising, and that's simply because I want people to enjoy it rather than feel like they have to work their way through a million ads just to see some content.

And in regards to people vanishing from the boards, nobody is going to stick around forever. There is more to life than the internet - believe it or not. I'll still talk to plenty of people who've been around forever, and there IS going to be a big mock-meet in 2004 - possibly as early as February or March. I was just talkin to Spadowsky and Carnivore about it a little while ago. For those who are interested, we're going to rent a beach house in Nags Head, North Carolina and have a dandy ol' peachy keen time.

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