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Hussein is not anywhere near the same league as Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot, so let's just cut out that bullshit comparison, OK? I'm going to try to pound this through your thick fucking skull one more time: I do not like Hussein. I do not support him. Are we crystal fucking clear on this now? We are being lied to about why we're there. He's a bad guy, to be sure, but until he's overrun more countries than Kuwait, don't put him in the same league as Hitler or Stalin. And before you start with "That's what we're stopping him from doing," I will pre-emptively tell you you're full of shit. Hussein doesn't have the means for such an undertaking.

And you can try to make all the neat little historical references you want to make yourself sound intelligent, but that statement I previously cited is quite telling, isn't it?

See, I'm not arrogant enough to say, "We need to do X, and we will achieve the desired result." What I DO know is that your method ain't the right one. Your "kill-'em-all" attitude is a fuckin' outdated macho impulse, it's tired, it's fuckin' annoying, and it only serves to make you look like the ill-informed jackass that you are. If you're so certain that we need to deal with everyone by force, then by all means, drag your happy ass to a Marine Corps recruiting station. I'm sure they'd love to have you on board.
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