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Alrighty, the votes have finally been tallied. I'd just like to say that this is by far the nicest turnout we've had for a contest so far and I'd like to thank each of you who took the time to enter. Since there were so many entries and each of the judges were asked to pick their top 3 favorites, it was impossible to determine any winners based on a single entry really, so instead, we ended up basing the winners on what people received the most votes in total.

Anyway, on with the results:


MarioRPG - 3 votes (2 for Pong, 1 for Monkey Island)
Macroidtoe - 3 votes (2 for custer's revenge, 1 for mario strikers labor union)

As a last minute surprise, I've decided to give out TWO copies of the Captain N DVD set instead of just one since there were so many entries for this contest. Plus, it works out nicely since we have a tie for first place anyway heheh. To the winners: please send me a PM with your full name and mailing addresses so I can send out your prizes.


arg_zombies - 2 votes (1 for resident evil, 1 for zelda-bartertown)
Max Radical - 2 votes (2 for street fighter 2)

While the runner-ups aren't receiving the DVD set, you guys can pick out some I-Mockery stickers if ya like and I'll be more than happy to send them your way.

There are a lot of entries in this contest that deserve recognition (many of which received single votes), so make sure you check out all the pages because there really was some good stuff in there. There was some bad stuff too, but that's the way it goes with most contests of this nature.

Anyway, thanks again all!
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