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Originally Posted by Emu View Post
The Playstation version just kills the feel of the game for me. The anime sequences are neat, but the loading times srsly detract from the fast-paced battles. :<

In other news, I got Persona 3 and I'm actually really enjoying it. I thought I would hate it because I have a poor opinion of Atlus gameplay quality, but this one is actually really easy to get into because it goes back to the simple Attack, Magic, Item style that everyone else is scurrying away from. The voice acting ranges from decent to superb and the animated sequences are copious and well-made. And seeing the kids shoot themselves in the head to cast a spell never stops being funny. Ever.
Is it worth getting? I like Atlus' games and this looked fun.
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Oh god fathom zero, you are revealing yourself to be completely awful
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