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Oh, fuck yes. Don't pass it up if you can find it for $50 or less. It's only been out since August and it's already getting ridiculously rare. I was fortunate in that my local Gamestop had the thing stuck on an out-of-the-way shelf.

The school sim parts are fun and important without being invasive or breaking up the storyline pointlessly, and they allow for a lot of leeway with your schedule so you can manage your daily schedule without having to think about it too hard. Plus, everything you do during the day has a powerful impact on the dungeon crawling portion.

For example, you have to build social links with your classmates and friends, and when you do so, you can net yourself several thousands of extra XP for your Personae when you create new ones. You're also given the option to completely blow off your friends if you wanna be a dick.

During battle you can only directly control the main character, and while this seems a little queer at first, it actually keeps the pace of battle exciting, especially because your teammates are actually fucking intelligent. This game has some of the smartest AI I've seen in an RPG. The only bad thing is that they tend not to use status-healing items. But it's tolerable.

And best of all is the Rush button that puts your characters on auto-attack and moves through the battle at fast-forward if you're fighting weak/insignificant enemies. Or, you can just set your teammates to go beat the shit out of them without ever actually entering battle, and you still receive XP and such.

And all the dungeons are randomized every time you enter, Diablo II style.

The only negatives about this game is that the music tends to loop incessantly. It's good music, but it gives me a headache after a while.
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