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Originally Posted by Slobulus View Post
I recently began playing Zelda: A Link To The Past for SNES (i find that title interesting today) and managed to get far enough where i became a walking talking bunny. It happened right after i had my first Aganihm(sp) fight which i thought was the last fight in the game. Now it looks like I will be traveling around the map as a rabbit before I finally reach the actual end. Its a remarkable game. I find it pleasing especially for a game made many years back when the Super Nintendo was released. Super Nintendo is still a powerful and beautiful system.
I started playing that again last night. I'd gotten it for the virtual console a long time ago but forgotten about it. Also, out of the blue, last night my roommate decided to buy me 3000 wii points so we can play punch out. So I've been playing a couple other older games as well.

That was very funny. Well done.
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