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Originally Posted by plooker View Post
OH, RoG, only a 4 pickle rating? This film made 'Amazon Women on the Moon' look like 'Kentucky Fried Movie.' Of course, I am biased, having fallen in love with Al in 1985, when I was 9. When this hit video it blew my tiny mind.
4 pickles is a very good rating. I just try to reserve my 5 pickle ratings for my ultimate favorites. A lot of sites out there hand out perfect ratings all too often, so I wanna be honest with all o' my reviews in terms of what I think of 'em. I generally don't think much of sites who hand out perfect ratings constantly, just doesn't seem like you can take their opinions seriously. UHF rules though, no doubt about it and Weird Al was a huge influence on me as a kid and the fact that he's still just as good these days as he was back then says a lot about just how talented he is.

Originally Posted by Ferrit View Post
RoG - IMHO this movie deserves to be a full feature review - not just a quickie Weekly
Honestly, I don't think it does. I generally give full feature reviews to a) undiscovered gems that hardly anybody has seen or b) cheesy movies with an amazing amount of unintentional humor.

An intentionally hilarious movie like UHF would be hard to do my usual commentary on, because nothing I say would really add onto it. I've been working on a big feature movie review all this week and it should be up sometime next week... I guarantee it won't disappoint. Action, cheese, the works.

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