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Originally Posted by 10,000 Volt Ghost View Post
I had an argument with my sister the other day about good cartoons. I tried explaining her how awesome Secret Squirrel was but I forgot they remade it in the 90's. She was just like "Yeah, I don't like the squirrel in the trench coat. I think he flashes people." I was like "No, he's a secret agent with a jetpack inside a hat."
Wait, there was a Secret Squirrel before the one in the 90s? I must look that one up...

I looked up this old cartoon called "Turbo Teen", which is about a boy who can turn into a car when he gets hot and turns back when he gets cold. He took turning into a car pretty well, considering that you'd think it would hurt a lot. Plus, he could talk as a car but couldn't drive himself for some reason.
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