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That's what is unsettling to me, Bod. She either doesn't trust me so she has to check what I've been looking at or emailing (maybe she thought I had a woman in every continent or something) or she doesn't trust me to forgive her after she admitted it. Trust trust trust.

Tadao, it's not a huge deal, no. It just irks me that she would lie. I don't check hers and I assumed she didn't check mine out of courtesy, if she did and owned up when I asked her about I would honestly not mind at all. If she wanted to read all my emails for some reason I would probably let her.

Bu I don't want to start a fight about it, I don't think it's worth it really. I fear that if I confronted her about it again she would once again deny it and then be angry at ME for accusing her :/

On the other hand I don't really want to fear her.

I think I will just wait. At least make sure 100% that she did, rather than 99.9% sure, and also maybe drop hints about trusting one another. Or does that make me a patronising arsehole? Maybe the best thing would be to erase it from my mind.
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